The Note: Touching a Nerve

We urge you to read carefully the five letters published in the New York Times today in response to David Brooks' Sunday column on Sen. Clinton's Dubai ports stance. Four defend the Senator and one sides with Brooks. One defense slams Sen. Clinton for her Iraq war vote and another is offered up by a former staffer of hers from the Clinton-Gore 1992 campaign. LINK

Sen. Kerry says he will block Presidential nominee, Richard Capka, former head of Boston's Big Dig, from becoming the head of the Federal Highway Administration. " ' I'm afraid Richard Capka could be the Brownie of highways,'" says Kerry. LINK

Sen. Kerry says President Bush hasn't plugged in enough effort when it comes to universal high-speed Internet capability. LINK

Maggie Haberman's fresh byline has returned to the pages of the New York Post after some time over at the competition. Haberman writes today of Rev. Sharpton's invitation for John Kerry to be keynote speaker at Sharpton's National Action Network breakfast next month. Homestate Sen. Hillary Clinton has been invited to attend. LINK

As part of his publicity tour to promote his new book (with co-author Jerome Armstrong), "Crashing the Gate," Markos Moulitsas Zuniga chatted with the fabulous Deborah Solomon for her "Questions for" feature in your upcoming Sunday New York Times Magazine.

Here's what the Kos has to say about the 2008 nomination contest:

NYT: "Whom would you like to see run in 2008?"

Kos: "I like Mark Warner. I like Russ Feingold. I don't hate Hillary, but I don't like anyone who is declared by fiat to be the front-runner."

Clintons of Chappaqua:

President Clinton, like his wife, wanted to see the Dubai ports deal blocked despite his advice to the UAE on how to handle the expected public opposition, reports the New York Times. LINK

New Orleans:

Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu's first ad, which features Landrieu giving a hand in the community days after Katrina hit, draws some controversial allegations regarding its authenticity, write Michelle Krupa and Frank Donze of the Times-Picayune. LINK

Mayor Ray Nagin's support is put to the test tonight at a $1000-per-couple event, as "the buzz heading into the mayoral campaign" is that "many of Ray Nagin's financial backers had abandoned the embattled incumbent and cast their lots with one of his many challengers," write Krupa and Donze. LINK

The Fitzgerald investigation:

The New York Times on Ben Bradlee's Vanity Fair comments about Richard Armitage being Woodward's source: LINK

New Hampshire:

Dante Scala, a New Hampshire primary guru, blogs about a Jim Splaine press release that some in the Hawkeye State may consider threatening. LINK

From the release: "With our current First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary Law that we have had since 1975, along with the new proposed bill that will allow the Secretary of State to accept earlier candidate filings for our next primary, we will be sure New Hampshire has the first major event for 2008."


The New York Times' Davey writes how the laws in Iowa governing where sex offenders cannot live have caused authorities to lose their ability to track some Hawkeye State sex offenders. LINK

Lobbying reform:

Seryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times previews the lobbying reform proposal House GOP leaders plan to brief their conference on later today. LINK

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