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--> Iran???!!?? We thought you said Iraq. LINK and LINK [NYT 2x]

--> Memo to White House Communications Team: Get Ignatius to be available for network interviews next Monday. LINK [WP]

--> Jim VandeHei (too young to remember Ed Rollins' 1990 memo) on discord between the White House and its with-friends-like-these on the Hill. LINK [WP]

--> Congressional Republicans (say it with us now!) can't restrain the growth of entitlements and spending now, because they have to preserve their majorities so they...can...restrain...the...growth...of...entitlements...and...spending...later. LINK [WP]

--> The Boston Globe on their Governor: "Raise taxes! No, don't!!! LINK . . . You snob!!! LINK We know better than you do how to run for President LINK, you right-wing nut!!" LINK [BG 4x]

--> Oh, and the Globe (under the pen of Fox News contributor Nina Easton) believes the lefty netroots are powerful, but not TOO powerful. LINK [BG]

--> Feingold's too liberal for E.J.!! LINK [WP]

--> Who picks Bill Frist's grapes? LINK [LAT]

--> Can't wait until Sunday? Watch George Stephanopoulos and your favorit ABC News's favorites dissect the week's politics so far on This Week All Week. Click here LINK to watch the debut webcast. It includes a look at three possible presidential candidates who seemed to take steps backwards This Week.


President Bush will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the traditional shamrock ceremony with the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern (pool coverage) and a meeting with Ahern, Peter Hain (Britain's secretary of state for Northern Ireland), representatives of the police service in Northern Ireland and civil society leaders (closed press). There will be a reception at the White House following these meetings (also closed press).

The most interesting part of today's events, reports ABC News' Karen Travers, is the invitation to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, who was Notably snubbed last year by the White House. This year the White House is reaching out to the leaders of Northern Ireland political parties as a way of showing the Bush Administration's continued support for the peace process there.

A White House official would not say tonight if Adams was definitely attending but that he is invited.

President Bush spends the weekend at Camp David.

Vice President Cheney delivers 12:20 pm ET luncheon remarks for congressional candidate Ralph Norman in Rock Hill, SC. The Vice President delivers 2:30 pm ET remarks at a rally for the troops at Charleston Air Force Base, SC. More from the Charlotte Observer: LINK

Bill Weld "raises a pint for St. Patrick's Day" at 4:00 pm ET at McKeown's in New York City.

Amy Klobuchar, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Minnesota, holds a press conference in St. Paul, MN to address the fiscal "irresponsibility" in Washington, DC and to provide "common-sense solutions to get our fiscal house in order."

The Center for National Policy hosts a 10:00 am ET speech by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at the National Guard Memorial Building on "A Challenge to the Conscience of the World: Bringing Security and Hope to Darfur."

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