The Note: Nine Stories

The Washington Times reports that a former Democratic operative will plead guilty on charges that she illegally obtained Maryland Lt. Gov. and Senate seeker, Michael Steele's (R) credit report. LINK

Phil Singer and Dan Ronayne square off in Deborah Orin's New York Post story on the illegally obtained records of Michael Steele (R-MD). LINK

'08ers on the budget vote:

Sen. Frist's statement, in part, on the budget vote: "While the bill does not go as far as I would like to control growth in mandatory spending programs, it is a responsible budget plan that meets the needs of the American people."

Sen. Bayh's statement defending his "no" vote on the budget: "This proposed budget is 'business as usual' in Washington at its worst. . . Going deeper into debt to China and Japan undermines our economy, our national security, and is deeply irresponsible to our children who must one day pay our bills with interest. We can do better."

Sen. Kerry's statement on the budget vote focused on ANWR: "For all the talk of America's addiction to oil, this budget vote proved it's Washington that's addicted to oil. Insisting on drilling in the Arctic Refuge is like treating a drinking problem by suggesting the alcoholic do more of his drinking at home."

2008: If it's Friday (or any other day, really), the New York Post's Deb Orin must be looking for some poll in some state to match-up Hillary Clinton with Rudy Giuliani or John McCain. LINK

2008: Republicans:

Sen. McCain made no news while chatting with Matt Lauer on "Today" this morning. On the President's current poll position McCain said, "Other presidents have had low points as well and we'll come out of this."

The rest of the interview was mostly dedicated to Iraq where McCain repeated his "it's hard and it's tough" mantra. He went on to say that he is not calling for additional troops in Iraq because it isn't feasible, but repeated his critique of the Administration for not going to into Iraq with sufficient troop strength initially.

Frank Phillips of the Boston Globe Notes that "caught between his support for expanded health coverage and his opposition to tax increases, Governor Mitt Romney is being urged by fiscal conservatives to veto part of a sweeping healthcare proposal because they say it includes a tax on businesses." LINK

The Boston Herald reports that Gov. Romney is advocating for big business nominees to the state's Appeals Court. LINK

C-SPAN's Brian Lamb recently sat down with Gov. Willard Mitt Romney for a "Q&A" interview that will air Sunday, Mar. 19 at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm ET. LINK

In the interview, Gov. Romney discusses the "terrible" song, "Oh Where Have You Been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Oh Where Have You Been, Charming Billy?" that led him to renounce being called "Billy" while in kindergarten., almost dying in a car crash when a drunk driver hit him head-on going 70 miles per hour, and sharing a hole in the floor with four other apartments in Paris.

While talking about his affection for Dwight Eisenhower, Romney says he read a couple of books about Teddy Roosevelt last year and came away thinking of some of his policies, "gosh, I have the opposite view today. The Republican Party has a different view than it did back in 1900."

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