The Note: Capital Expenditure


President Bush continues his "Global War on Terror" sales tour with a speech at Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, WV at 12:15 pm ET. The event is being billed as a town hall-style meeting which will allow the President to take questions from the crowd. The audience is expected to be filled with mostly military families.

While you wait for that dominating event to begin, feel free to read these Notes obtained by The Note's warrantless surveillance program:

Note from America to the White House politico-communications staff:

Denver Post: "Bush Admits War's Cloud" LINK

Columbus Dispatch: "Withdrawal Won't Come Under Bush" LINK

Tampa Tribune: "Bush Talks of Troops in Iraq Until 2009" LINK

Note from the White House political staff to the communications staff:

Forget about the "timetable" that the press is obsessed with. Focus on THIS timetable for an October, 2006 full of surprises:

Oct. 4: gas prices drop below $1.50/gallon

Oct. 9: Ron Bonjean writes a press release heralding the strong economy that actually gets quoted in newspapers

Oct. 14: Bin Laden is caught

Oct. 15: Howard Dean says he isn't sure that America is safer now that bin Laden is in U.S. custody and worries aloud about the prisoner's due process rights

Oct. 19: Harry Reid walks into the Radio-TV Gallery without a script

Oct. 22: Katherine Harris finds a vision for her message for her vision

Oct 27: Jenna Bush's Great Big White House wedding

Oct. 28: every righteous pastor in the country explains to his parishoners that if they don't vote correctly in November, it is a biblical certainty that a gay married couple will soon be living next door to them

Oct. 30: major RNC money hits the airwaves, the streets, and targets the DNC will figure out in 2012

Note from Isikoff, Birnbaum, Ross, and Allen to OldHandGrayBeard who is coming into the White House to steady things ("things"=the nerves of the Gang of 500): You probably think your long career in public life means you won't get any investigative scrutiny. Best not to tell your partners, clients, or family that.

Note from Ed Chen to President Bush: Miss me yet?

Note from The Note to Tom Friedman: Making a Lugar speech a must-read is ballsy!!

Note from Bumiller to Rutenberg: Sleeping and eating are overrated.

Note from The Note to Jeff Greenfield: "He's a what? He's a what?"

Note from Some People on Tom Edsall's softball e-mail to Other People on Tom Edsall's e-mail: Please develop the wisdom to know when to use "reply" and when to use "reply all."

Note from Sara Taylor, Bill Weld, and Harold Ickes to Kevin Sheekey: Not very oblique, fella.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) tours the U.S. -- Mexico border at San Ysidro, CA with Sheriff Bill Young of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 5:15 pm ET.

The other Senator from Nevada, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), will launch his reelection campaign at 11:30 am ET at the Leatherneck Club in Las Vegas, NV. Sen. Ensign also holds a kick-off event at 3:00 pm ET in Reno, NV.

The Supreme Court is expected to announce decisions at 10:00 am ET. The High Court will also hear oral arguments today.

AFL-CIO executive vice president Linda Chavez-Thompson, immigrant rights groups, and community allies plan to announce their grassroots mobilization plan to defeat what they view as "anti-immigrant" legislation at 11:30 am ET. Their "National Day of Action on Immigrant Rights" is planned for April 10.

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