The Note: The 2008 Invisible Primary Ratings

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein writes that the Democrats are targeting 17 Republican-held seats in New England and the mid-Atlantic, hoping to make the Northeast as Democratic as the South is Republican. LINK

"Just as Ohio was ground zero in the 2004 presidential election, the statewide races this year and 2008 campaign for the White House will attract national attention, the head of the Republican National Committee said yesterday," writes Mark Niquette of the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

The New York Times finds a possibly inflated item in New York senatorial candidate Kathleen Troia McFarland's resume: though she "helped write" President Reagan's famous "Star Wars" speech, its most famous passage was written by the president himself -- yet her resume says simply, "Drafted President Reagan's Star Wars Speech." LINK

There is some other good research and reporting in the piece; one wonders where the story's original conceptualization occurred. Forty-eight hours later, the New York Post's Fred Dicker gives some ink to Al D'Amato's NY1 comments where he called McFarland's candidacy a "joke." LINK

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman called out state Treasurer Bob Casey (D-PA) for his alleged glut of ambition and lack of ideas at a fundraiser for Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) yesterday, reports Rich Cholodofsky of the Pittsburgh Review-Tribune. LINK

In an feature set to appear in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine, Michael Sokolove gets an inside look at Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's (R-MD) run for Senate.

Sokolove describes Steele's effort to win support from black community leaders who have never voted for a Republican before.

"On policy, he can be maddeningly hard to pin down, which so far, at least, seems to be working as a strategy. One of his campaign's internal polls showed that moderate voters who like him think he's moderate, while his conservative backers consider him conservative," writes Sokolove.

Lt. Gov. Steele might file a lawsuit to learn more about an episode in which a (former) DSCC staff member accessed his credit report, the Washington Post's John Wagner and Ann E. Marimow report for the newspaper's Metro section. LINK

Campaign finance records show that Gov. Schwarzenegger has added $5.2 million to his coffers since the beginning of the year, putting his reelection campaign $3 million in the black. Meanwhile, says the Los Angeles Times, his Democratic rivals are spending furiously in advance of the June 6 primary. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's write-up of wounded Iraq War vet Tammy Duckworth's Democratic primary win includes a grumble from a local party chairman that the win was the result of "top-down politics as foisted upon us by Rahm Emanuel." LINK

The New York Post's Deb Orin, looking for a cloud to cover up any silver linings Emanuel might hope to find, writes low turnout in the Duckworth primary is just one of many signs that the "'Iraq veteran' political strategy that Democrats hope will sweep them into Congress could be coming up short." LINK

Montgomery County executive Douglas Duncan (D-MD) rips Mayor O'Malley, his Democratic gubernatorial rival, for not solving Baltimore's crime problem in a Washington Post op-ed. LINK

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