The Note: The 2008 Invisible Primary Ratings

A candidate for New York's Democratic nomination for attorney general will today launch an ad that takes on the President's domestic surveillance program: "Hey, let's talk about what's happening in America," candidate Sean Maloney says in the ad. "George Bush is secretly tapping American phones without a court order. Under New York law, that's illegal and wrong." LINK

Politics of Iraq:

While appearing on morning television, Dan Bartlett discussed President Bush's comments from Tuesday that American troops will be in Iraq after 2008 saying that "the comment is over-interpreted," and that the President answered a specific question, regarding "all" American troops. "He understood that as every single one of our troops," Bartlett said.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, former Bush Administration advisers Dan Senor and Roman Martinez urge Iraqis to make the president of Iraq the country's prime minister and to make the prime minister of Iraq the country's president.

"The time has come for Iraq's leaders to break out of the ethnic and sectarian straitjacket constraining talks over the new government. By uniting around a Talabani-led coalition government, Iraqi leaders can move to address the pressing security challenges now facing their country. The clock is ticking."

Tonight on "Texas Monthly Talks," Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith chats with news legend Walter Cronkite. LINK

In the interview, Cronkite is asked about comparisons between Vietnam and the Iraq war and says, "I think the comparison is almost exact."

Of Iraq, Cronkite says, "We shouldn't have gone in there. We got in by mistake. We got in thinking we could do something for democracy, save a democracy. Same thing we were saying, Kennedy said, for Vietnam, we were saying for the Middle East."

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