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Our top story today: President Bush is trying to convince a skeptical public and skittish members of Congress that he has a plan for winning the war in Iraq. Even some members of the President's own party not named "Hagel" -- worried about this fall's midterm elections and losing their majority power -- are becoming increasingly critical of the White House on a range of issues.

This at a time when Mr. Bush is burdened by some of the lowest poll numbers of his presidency and his clout on Capitol Hill is diminished. So Mr. Bush is in the midst of a sales job, barnstorming the country with campaign-style events, which mostly lead to stories on TV and in the papers about how Mr. Bush is in the midst of a sales job, barnstorming the country with campaign-style events. Experts say these events are good for "The Daily Show."

We have to take a break. When we come back, we'll have the latest on President Bush's efforts to win more Hispanic support. Stay with us.


Be sure to tune in on Sunday to "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" when Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) takes George on a helicopter tour of Glacier National Park -- what some consider to be the epicenter of the debate over global warming.

You can also catch "This Week All Week" on the web -- a streaming video experience featuring George with a preview of his Schweitzer talk. This week's webcast also includes a look at the ABC News Political Unit's inaugural installment of the 2008 Invisible Primary Ratings, with Mark Halperin and David Chalian. LINK

If you missed them yesterday, the full ratings can be read here: LINK


Welcome back to The Note. For some reason, reporters think that President Bush and other politicians who try to pass immigration legislation are motivated purely by political considerations, rather than a desire to solve an urgent and important public policy problem. Experts say it isn't clear why this is.

When we return after we pay some bills: they want to be President of the United States, and they know the true meaning of the words "hard work."


This weekend, if you are looking for the perfect family entertainment, Tim Allen is -- The Shaggy Dog!!! LINK

RAISE THE WOOF!!! Now playing at a theater near you.


President Bush and Vice President Cheney are hitting the 2006 campaign trail today. After marking Greek Independence Day at the White House, the President heads to Indianapolis, IN for a Mike Sodrel for Congress fundraiser (open to the press) and then to a private home in Sewickley Heights, PA for a fundraiser for Sen. Santorum's reelection bid (closed to the press).

In conjunction with his visit, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party (with some help from the DSCC, no doubt) launched this web video attempting to portray Sen. Santorum as a "rubber stamp" for the Bush Administration. LINK

Vice President Cheney travels from Arizona to Orlando, FL today for a fundraising luncheon for Rep. Ric Keller (R-FL). Later this afternoon, Mr. Cheney heads to Jacksonville, FL. LINK

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