The Note: Jeff Greenfield's "Compulsory Topic"

On "Good Morning America," she said, "This is not a cosmetic change." She touted Bolten's experience and said that he can be seen as the "grey-beard" that the Chattering Class is looking for, even if he does come from within the Administration.

On CBS, Matalin said that the change is "not cosmetic." Asked if she is aware of any changes in the future, Matalin said that the President is giving Bolten a free hand, and that both men will do what it takes "to get the mojo back." She also called Bolten an awesome rocker.

Perhaps reading too much into yesterday's staff change, Jim VandeHei interprets Tuesday's move as a nod to conventional Washington wisdom a step away from the cowboy swagger that characterized Bush's first five years in the White House. LINK

The Houston Chronicle's Julie Mason writes up reactions to the Card/Bolten "shuffle," not "shake-up". LINK

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe and Holly Bailey Note that Card initially offered his resignation the same day that the Dubai ports deal finally collapsed and DP World agreed to sell its US operation. They also write that Card "didn't want to go," but that he believed he "needed to go." LINK

The Boston Globe writes that Card gave his resignation to the President several times before it was finally accepted. LINK

David Sanger of the New York Times writes the Card departure and Bolten appointment are not likely to satisfy Republican calls for a shake-up, but "signaled a possible start to achieving those ends." LINK

Chicago Tribune's Mark Silva calls Card's departure "only a small step" and says that "the swap of Bolten for Card, replacing one loyal insider with another, falls short of the bold stroke that some second-term presidents have made." LINK

Peter Baker's Washington Post profile has Rove re: Bolten LINK

Roll Call's Pershing and Billings have more reaction to the chief of staff adjustment, which Sens. Trent Lott (R-MS) and John Sununu (R-NH) carefully Note is, "not a change."

A senior official tells the Washington Post at least two more top administration officials will be leaving by early summer. LINK

The Washington Post on the fine line between Chief of Staff and First Friend. LINK

The Boston Herald Notes on Bay State resident, Andy Card's departure. LINK

Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times repurposes some of her excellent 2003 Bolten profile and adds that the incoming chief of staff has been to dinner at Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn's home and has "regularly dated women in the Bush administration." LINK

"He has a longtime girlfriend, but you know who he brings to White House events? His mother. You can always judge a man by how he treats his mother," said Mary Matalin on morning television.

The Wall Street Journal looks at Bolten's "bigger voice." The Journal's Washington Wire speculates about a possible gubernatorial run in Massachusetts in Andy Card's future. LINK

The Hill's editorial board weighs in on Andy Card's departure and is optimistic about "signs of new thinking" in the White House. LINK

"Card's replacement by Bolten, Bush's new readiness to listen to Congress and a new willingness to sit down and talk with reporters all suggest an understanding in the White House that the president needs to get a grip on the political agenda. What he is doing is necessary; it is not yet clear whether it is also sufficient."

Note Note: do y'all realize how much of his life Andy Card has spent talking to MOCs in the last five and a half years??!!???

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