The Note: Jeff Greenfield's "Compulsory Topic"

The Washington Times' Joseph Curl reminisces about Andy Card's time at the White House. LINK

If you'd like to rule the office as today's master of Chief of Staff trivia, click here: LINK

USA Today has more on the rock angle. LINK

New York Post headline: "Folding His Card" LINK

New York Daily News headline: "Card Shuffling" LINK

Politics of immigration:

Whether or not Sen. Frist enforces Speaker Hastert's "majority of the majority" on his side of the Capitol remains to be seen, but the immigration debate roiling the Republican Party will be on display in the Senate today.

Rachel Swarns of the New York Times offers a news analysis looking at the House and Senate GOP split on immigration and the demographic trends driving the debate. LINK

Carl Hulse of the New York Times looks at the newsier divide within the Senate GOP and Sen. Frist's declaration that the Judiciary Committee bill "went too far." LINK

The New York Daily News reports Sen. Allen's remarks criticizing the Judiciary Committee bill for "reward[ing] illegal behavior." LINK

In his interview with CNN en Espanol yesterday, President Bush endorsed a guest worker program and knocked the proposal in the House bill to fence off part of the Texas-Mexico border, writes Gebe Martinez of the Houston Chronicle. LINK

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein on Sen. Frist's push to introduce his own immigration legislation and scrap this weeks legislative efforts. LINK

The Washington Times sees Leader Boehner backing down on amnesty. LINK

An Los Angeles Times' piece on Spanish-language talk radio details the role alternative media (think had in organizing the protests across California. LINK

The Washington Post reports on the latest intra-party squabble to hit the GOP: what, if anything, to do about immigration. LINK

John and Jerry:

The News and Advance of Lynchburg, VA cryptically reported yesterday that the Rev. Jerry Falwell "said McCain," who is speaking at Liberty University's May 14 graduation, "has expressed a willingness to support a Federal Marriage Amendment, an issue dear to conservative Christians." LINK

This report caught our attention since McCain had sharply denounced a federal marriage amendment in 2004, calling it "antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans" because of the way it "usurps from the states a fundamental authority they have always possessed and imposes a federal remedy for a problem that most states do not believe confronts them."

ABC News' Teddy Davis caught up with the Rev. Falwell on Tuesday and was told that McCain is not pushing for a federal constitutional ban on gay marriage at this time. Instead, McCain "reconfirmed" to Falwell during a recent telephone conversation that he would support a federal marriage amendment if the federal courts were to strike down state constitutional bans on gay marriage (like the one McCain is currently backing in his home state of Arizona).

"I think he is genuinely a state's righter — and so am I," Falwell told ABC News. LINK

Despite McCain's 2000 push to change the GOP platform to explicitly recognize exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother, Falwell said he and "most of the pro-life community" are "happy" with McCain's "pro-life views."

The Arizona Daily Star is quick to run an AP write-up of Sen. McCain's upcoming speech at Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. LINK

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