The Note: Brutal And Decisive


Former House Majority Leader (and soon to be former Member of Congress) Tom DeLay (R-TX) travels from Texas to Washington, DC this morning. He is expected to conduct several television interviews today explaining his decision to resign his seat in Congress and his decision to not seek reelection in November.

President Bush took a call from Tom DeLay on his flight back home from Cincinnati yesterday and thanked him for his service and wished him well, reports ABC's Ann Compton.

The call was not a discussion as much as it was Tom DeLay informing President Bush of a decision he had already made, reports ABC's Jessica Yellin.

"There was no effort, apparently, to talk him out of it," adds Yellin.

Compton goes on to report that Scott McClellan told the gaggle this morning, "Tom DeLay has been a good ally and the White House has worked very closely with him on the Republican agenda."

DeLay very first post-news-break TV chat was this morning with our boffo Houston affiliate, KTRK. Later on CBN with Pat Robertson, DeLay talked about how he'd thought long and hard and fasted for spiritual help in making his decision.

"It will no longer be a national race like it was," declared DeLay on Fox News Channel this morning.

On his Democratic opponent Nick Lampson: "His money will dry up. This is probably the worst day of his campaign."

When asked if he would hold political office in the future, DeLay responded, "I don't know that."

Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and other House Republican leaders are scheduled to go before cameras to discuss border security, the budget bill, and 527 reform at 3:45 pm ET.

(You can likely add Tom DeLay to the topics to be discussed.)

President Bush will tout his health care initiatives at a White House event at 9:20 am ET in the Roosevelt Room.

And the President's schedule increasingly reflects the fact that it is an election year. Mr. Bush is expected to attend a Republican National Committee finance luncheon at Evermay in Washington, DC at noon ET. (The event is closed to the press and is expected to draw roughly 90 people and $1.7 million for the RNC.)

Mrs. Bush is also doing her part for election year campaign coffers. Today she is in the Show-Me State to help raise funds for Sen. Jim Talent's reelection campaign at 1:30 pm ET. Before the fundraising luncheon, the First Lady meets with young people in St. Charles, MO at a adolescence substance abuse rehab center as part of her "Helping America's Youth" initiative.

Sens. McCain (R-AZ) and Brownback (R-KS) are each scheduled to address the annual US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce legislative conference during the group's immigration panel tomorrow from 9 am ET - noon ET. RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman is scheduled to participate in a political panel at 6:00 pm ET. (Earlier in the day, Chairman Mehlman addresses the American Dental Association at 10:30 am ET. The ADA is HUGE in Pikesville.)

Organizers of the "National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights" planned for April 10 are scheduled to hold a Capitol Hill press conference at 11:00 am ET.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales delivers the "White House briefing" to the group at 1:30 pm ET.

Pew Hispanic Center and Pew Research Center for the People and the Press were scheduled to release an analysis of surveys of American attitudes on immigration, perceptions of immigrants, and support for policy proposals at 9:00 am ET.

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