The Note: And Don't Forget Health Care, Part IV

The Washington Post's Joby Warrick reports with exclusivity that the Bush Administration pushed the Notion that it had found banned Iraqi weapons despite evidence to the contrary. LINK

"'We have found the weapons of mass destruction,' President Bush said on May 29, 2003. But even as Bush spoke, U.S. intelligence officials possessed powerful evidence that it was not true," writes Warrick. The New York Times on April's uptick in American casualties in Iraq: LINK

The Fitzgerald investigation:

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun, again showing his ownership of a story, writes of the widely-praised prosecutors correction. LINK

". . .in a letter yesterday, Mr. Fitzgerald advised the judge overseeing the case, Reggie Walton, that the government's April 5 filing was inaccurate. 'We are writing to correct a sentence,' Mr. Fitzgerald's letter begins. He told the judge an error occurred in the following statement:"

"'Defendant understood that he was to tell Miller, among other things, that a key judgment of the NIE held that Iraq was 'vigorously trying to procure' uranium."

"The prosecutor said the government brief should have said, 'Defendant understood that he was to tell Miller, among other things, some of the key judgments of the NIE, and that the NIE stated that Iraq was 'vigorously trying to procure' uranium.'"

The Washington Post's Dafna Linzer reports on the same. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont on Bush's 3 hour and 23 minutes long visit to the Hawkeye State: LINK

Complete with protesters: LINK And admirers: LINK

The Washington Post's Al Kamen Notes that one senior told President Bush yesterday that he " was lucky" that he knew someone at the Social Security office who was able to sign him up for the Medicare prescription drug benefit "in less than 10 minutes." LINK

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday resisted the Notion that he would resign, saying that he expects criticism since the war is controversial, reports Richard Whittle of the Dallas Morning News. LINK

The Los Angeles Times writes up Gen. Peter Pace's full-throated defense of Sec. Rumsfeld in the wake of recent criticism from retired military leaders. LINK

Politics of intelligence:

USA Today's John Diamond reports the not-so-flattering critique House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) (among others) has for the year-old office of the DNI. LINK

Lobbying reform:

Elana Schor of The Hill takes a look at how Congressional Republicans "could soon seize upon the lobbying-reform debate as a vehicle for strict new oversight on the Bush Administration" in their eagerness to distance themselves from "a White House mired in low poll numbers." LINK


The AP reports on Abramoff emails that appear to tie large campaign donations to Republican legislative support for his clients. LINK

Cheney plays ball:

Headline in the Washington Post express: "Cheney, Nats Come Up Short." LINK

The Washington Times' Joseph Curl sets the scene at yesterday's Nationals game: "Mr. Cheney strode out of the Nats' dugout and boos immediately began to rain down on him, growing to a crescendo as he neared the mound." LINK

The Washington Post's Reliable Source writes that the "derisive greeting" that Vice President Cheney faced yesterday "was surprisingly loud and long, given the bipartisan nature of our national pastime, and drowned out a smattering of applause reported from the upper decks." LINK

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