The Note: Stress Position


Quasi-cryptic Note lede:

1. After a long and distinguished career, a chance to rest.

2. Spend more time with the family.

3. Mission accomplished.

4. A need to hear new voices.

5. The policy has failed.

6. What the Gang of 500 wants, the Gang of 500 gets.

7. Stay the course!!!!!

President Bush is at Camp David in the Maryland mountains and has no public events, and, thus, a lot of time to think (and watch baseball).

Gov. Mitt Romney is in California today for Republican Governors Association and Commonwealth Political Action Committee finance meetings.

The Christian Defense Coalition holds the first public celebration of the "Stations of the Cross" on Capitol Hill at 2:30 pm ET. Participants will walk and carry the cross past the Supreme Court, congressional office buildings, and the Capitol.

The Washington Region Religious Campaign Against Torture holds a 5:00 pm ET vigil outside the Vice President's residence in Washington, DC to demonstrate opposition to the "policies and practices of the Bush Administration that allow the cruel and inhumane treatment of individuals detained in the war on terrorism."

The grand jury investigating the CIA leak may meet at 9:30 am ET in Washington, DC.

Sam Donaldson gives a guided tour of "Fantasyland," while Mark Halperin delivers his weekly look at who took steps forward and backward in their 2008 presidential runs in the past seven days: George Stephanopoulos has all this and more for you on "This Week All Week," the best political Webcast around. Click here to view for the same price as The Note: FREE!!!!: LINK

Senate Foreign Relations Chair Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and his Hoosier State colleague, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), will be George's guests on "This Week" this Easter morning. George will ask these two leading Senators on foreign policy about the six generals who called out the Secretary of Defense this week, Iran's announcement of its nuclear progress, and the Chinese president's upcoming visit to Washington. Be sure to tune in.

The Note will not be publishing on Monday, April 17. We'll be back on Tuesday, April 18.

With the move of Mike Abramowitz to cover the White House for the Washington Post, The Note challenges our readers to name a more influential pair of sister-brother political reporters working in America today than Mike and Rachel. Think about it over the holiday weekend, and let us know by Tuesday. Congratulations to Michael, and to all our readers: Have a happy holiday.

Rumsfeld rumblings:

Gen. John Batiste (Ret.), who served in Iraq for 2 and a half years, had harsh words for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld while appearing on morning television. Gen. Batiste said his call for Rumsfeld to resign has to do with "accountability and leadership."

"We went to war with a flawed plan," Batiste said. Rumsfeld "didn't understand leadership," he was "arrogant" and "impulsive."

Asked on whether or not the Secretary of Defense was open to input, Gen. Batiste said that "he built the plan the way he wanted to, without regard to" others.

The New York Times ledes its paper with a two-column wide story on the growing chorus of retired generals calling for Secretary Rumsfeld to resign. LINK

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