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At Sen. Kennedy's (D-MA) book party for his brand-new "America: Back on Track" at Manhattan's Parker Meridian hotel, down the street from Carnegie Hall, the Senator from Massachusetts, looking lion-like and trim, was still recovering from his 8 minutes with the one person guaranteed to intimidate and rattle all 100 senators -- Jon Stewart. Senator Kennedy made many references to his two-segment appearance on the "Daily Show" (They talked troubled Iraq, charming Bush, fierce Rove, campaign finance.). Also in attendance, the other Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry (who popped in to flash some sparkly teeth, get a shout out from the senior Senator, and give a bear hug to Bob Shrum); Lloyd Grove chatting up K sisters Eunice, Pat, and Jean; sleek Caroline Schlossberg; cheerful Ina and Bob Caro; stately David Halberstam; uber-elegant Fred Hochberg, and jet-lagged Bob Rubin, whose presence on the stage alongside members of the Kennedy family and stump speecheque remarks appeared to kick off Rubin 2008.

The Washington Post's Eric Planin reviews "America Back on Track" and writes that "many" of Kennedy's proposals seem more like liberal cant than pragmatic programs that might actually bridge the huge partisan and ideological divide in Washington." LINK


The Note has learned that Nina Easton, the Noted author, TV talking head, and Boston Globe deputy bureau chief (working right down the street from our plush DeSales Street offices), is headed up and out.

Easton will become the Washington Bureau Chief of FORTUNE Magazine, helping Managing Editor Eric Pooley re-establish the mag's capital presence.

Besides running the bureau, Easton will return to her passion -- magazine writing -- and, Note readers can only hope, find time to churn out more books, like her classic "Gang of Five" (only 495 to go), and the tome she co-authored with Globe colleagues about a fella goes by the name of "Kerry."

In a quote so pre-canned it's hard to believe that one of our spies overheard Easton herself say it at Café Milano (or it might have been at the sandwich place at 19th and L), Easton reportedly said:

"I'll be writing magazine pieces on Washington politics that (hopefully) take a step back from the daily press of events to examine people and issues. For me, this marks a return to the type of writing and reporting I did during the 1990s as the Sunday Magazine writer for the Los Angeles Times."

The Note says: congratulations.

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