The Note: Literally in Denial

As George Will is fond of pointing out, $4 billion ain't that much if it ensures the people's voice is heard and power is transitioned, orderly. And it reflects an underlying desire of millions of ordinary Americans to participate.

Incidentally: going into October, the DNC had $41 million on hand, while the Republicans had in excess of $70 million. Bush's GELAC had about $9 million on hand; Kerry's had about $5.3 million.

"Forget about selling beer during the World Series broadcasts — they're going to be selling Presidents," CUNY political analyst Doug Muzzio quoteth to the New York Daily News. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect: Club 700:

The New York Times ' David Kirkpatrick reports "the evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson has set off a partisan fight by telling a television interviewer that President Bush serenely assured him just before the invasion of Iraq, "Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties."" LINK

Scott McClellan told reporters yesterday, "Of course, the president never made such a comment."

McClellan says Bush and Robertson did meet. But Bush, according to McClellan, never made a comment about there not being casualties in Iraq.

The Washington Post 's Alan Cooperman writes that while the Kerry campaign jumped all over the remarks, the BC04 camp denied the president ever said such a thing. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Wallsten and Chen Note that "Robertson's comments quickly became an issue in the presidential campaign and put the White House in the awkward position of denying comments from one of Bush's most prominent supporters." LINK

"Bush strategist Karl Rove told reporters that he was in the room for the Feb. 10, 2003, meeting, and that Robertson was incorrect in his recollection. 'I was right there,' Rove said."

The article on Robertson's fall out with the POTUS got prominent placement in the New York Daily News. LINK

Maureen Dowd takes Robertson's comments and writes "W.'s willful blindness comes from mistakenly assuming that his desires are God's, as if he knows where God stands on everything from democracy in Iraq to capital-gains tax cuts." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Knight Ridder's Hutcheson and Douglas report, "President Bush will end his four-year term having fulfilled about 46 percent of the promises he made during the 2000 presidential campaign, according to an analysis by Knight Ridder." LINK

Any reporter who has traveled with the president can retell verbatim the story of his dinner with Prime Minister Koizumi (where's the Kobe beef??) and how Bush ties that to the "transformational power of liberty."

The New York Times ' muscular David Sanger Notes that this is President Bush's way of "infusing the storyline of his presidency with a sense of mission." LINK

"It is deliberately far more Reagan than Bush 41, a sparkling symbol of 'the vision thing' that Mr. Bush's father lacked, with disastrous electoral results, a dozen years ago. And while the president's riff rarely shows up on the evening news, it is the uplifting moment in his daily message. It is artfully crafted to get his audiences to look beyond the daily headlines of beheadings and suicide bombers, of an insurgency that has defied American military might, and to focus Americans' attention on the fact that Afghans have just gone to the polls and that Iraqis are trying to do the same."

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