The Note: Literally in Denial

ABC News Vote 2004: Florida:

John Kerry and George Bush are in a statistical dead heat in the Sunshine State, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters. Kerry has all but erased the president's 7-point edge in the last Q-poll on Oct. 7 (that survey had Bush at 51 percent and Kerry at 44 percent.). Today's poll puts George Bush at 48 percent, John Kerry at 47 percent, and Ralph Nader at 1 percent.

". . . for the first time more Kerry supporters say their vote means they are voting for the Senator, and not just against President Bush," said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Also of Note, the Senate race between Mel Martinez and Betty Castor is also in a dead heat with each candidate pulling 47 percent of those polled.

Adam Smith makes a good point in today's St. Pete Times: John Kerry doesn't need Florida's 27 votes to win the election, but President Bush almost certainly does. (Do the math: if he loses 27 votes in Florida and wins, say, Wisconsin from Kerry, he still needs two more Blue states to get re-elected.) LINK

Geographic correction in today's New York Times : "An article on Tuesday about early balloting in Florida attributed distinctions erroneously to Duvall County, where the elections office has been under fire for opening only one early-voting site. It is neither Florida's largest county, as some copies said, nor its most populous. Collier is the largest and Miami-Dade the most populous."

Voter registration along the I-4 corridor blossomed by nearly 200,000 since 2000 — almost equally split between Democrats and Republicans, according to an Orlando Sentinel analysis. LINK

Your best, one-stop source for Florida political news: LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Pennsylvania:

Peter Jennings heads to the Keystone State today and reports from Pittsburgh, where a certain congressional race is illustrating the power of incumbency.

Former President Clinton's headed to Philadelphia on Monday and the candidates have been there non-stop this week.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, "Seventeen hospitals in Southeastern Pennsylvania and half of New Jersey hospitals do not have their supply of flu vaccine, according to hospital association figures." LINK

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the Philadelphia City Commission "yesterday refused to hear requests [from the Bush-Cheney campaign and other Republicans] to relocate 63 polling places in predominantly minority neighborhoods, saying the requests had been filed after the deadline on Friday." LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, "Fifty priests and several hundred sisters and laity from Western Pennsylvania have signed an ad in the Pittsburgh Catholic, saying that voting decisions cannot be reduced to the single issue of abortion." LINK

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Republicans are making a dent in Allegheny County voter registration numbers. "After this year's ballyhooed voter-registration blitz, Democrats now outnumber Republicans 2.12-to-1, down from 2.16-to-1 a year ago." LINK

Democratic Senate candidate Joe Hoeffel is attacking his opponent for voting with President Bush 89 percent of the time. LINK

But, the Philadelphia Daily News reports, "Snarlin' Arlen" Specter is attacking back and hard while "running an aggressive, even nasty campaign for a fifth six-year term." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Ohio:

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