The Note: Splitting the Baby Pinata

DNC Chairman Howard Dean attends a fundraiser for the New York Democratic Lawyers Council at the Yale Club in New York City.

Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky hold primaries today.

The Associated Press highlights the Noteworthy primary races of the day including a tough battle for incumbent Gov. Kulongoski (D-OR), Bob Casey, Jr. and Lynn Swann's formalizing their challenging nominee status, and a "fightin' Dem" seeking the chance to take on Rep. Anne Northup (R-KY) in Louisville. LINK

Oregon: (vote by mail)

County elections offices open: 10:00 am ET

County elections offices close: 11:00 pm ET


Polls Open: 7:00 am ET

Polls Close: 8:00 pm ET


Polls open: 6:00 am ET

Polls close: 7:00 pm ET

Bush speech: morning shows:

On "Good Morning America," ABC News' George Stephanopoulos said senior White House officials acknowledge that "the ice has not yet cracked" with House Republicans on the President's push for a guest-worker program.

Despite President Bush saying that his plan does not amount to amnesty, Stephanopoulos Noted that House GOPers view any plan that allows illegal immigrants now in the country to earn citizenship without first going home as amnesty.

Bush speech: analysis:
Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times delivers a must-read news analysis focusing on the President's long record on recognizing the immigrant community's hard work and seeking ways to welcome immigrants into American society. (It's not an analysis likely to help his cause in assuaging concerns among many Republican MOCs -- especially with those Hernandez and McKinnon quotes!) (How did Izzy get booked for that gig, Mr. Snow???!!???) (Assuming you know who Izzy is, that is.) LINK

"Now immigration, as divisive as it is, remains as Mr. Bush's last major domestic issue and a test of his remaining powers as president," writes Bumiller.

The Washington Post's Dan Balz ledes ominously: "President Bush once saw the immigration issue as an opportunity to expand the Republican Party by attracting more Hispanic voters with a message of tolerance and inclusion. His nationally televised speech last night was an admission that the issue has now become a problem that, if not managed carefully, could quickly become a historic liability for his party." LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan Notes that it's not clear whether the President "won any new supporters among the competing factions of enforcement-only conservatives in the House and Senate Republicans who demand a path to citizenship for some illegal aliens in any final bill." LINK

The Chicago Tribune Notes that Bush's utilization of the National Guard "is a measure of how much resistance the president faces within his own party in Congress balking at his plans for immigration reform when his own job-approval is at an all-time low." LINK

"President Bush gambled last night that sending the National Guard to police the border would persuade get-tough Republicans to back citizenship for illegal aliens," writes Deborah Orin in her New York Post analysis. LINK

"At first blush, it looks like a bad bet. Republican skeptics say what Bush calls tough action is really just a token gesture."

USA Today highlights the GOP split. LINK

". . . the president's big initiative is heavy on symbolism but will be small in scale -- and largely invisible on the ground," write Julian Barnes and Peter Spiegel of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

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