The Note: Splitting the Baby Pinata

Roll Call has Democratic and Republican aides saying that significant changes to the Senate immigration bill "will likely doom the bill."

Peter S. Canellos from the Boston Globe concludes that the speech was "noteworthy"(sic) in that the President remained in the center, bringing together all sides. LINK

The Des Moines Register writes up Rep. Steve King's skepticism. LINK

Bush speech: ledes and headlines:

The Washington Post's Jim VandeHei and Jonathan Weisman write that President Bush's proposal would give illegal immigrants who have lived here for an extended time "preferred" status in obtaining citizenship. The Washington Post duo also report that in conversations with lawmakers on Monday, Karl Rove "made it clear that Bush supports, in principle, a Senate-backed plan that would provide immigrants who have lived here for five or more years a clear path to citizenship if they pay a penalty, according to participants." LINK

"President Bush vowed to strengthen borders that he acknowledged weren't yet secure, but it was unclear if his tough talk would be enough to tamp down the immigration debate roiling the Republican Party and angering many of its voters," ledes the Wall Street Journal's immigration coverage.

The New York Post's Orin includes the President's "we do not yet have full control of the border" line in her lede. LINK

Ken Bazinet and Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News lede with the 6,000 National Guard troops and spend the first 10 paragraphs on the President's border security focus before mentioning his renewed push for a temporary worker program in graph 11. LINK

Charles Hurt from The Washington Times reveals the paper's clear opposition, leading with the fact that the Senate immigration bill would allow up to 193 million new legal immigrants over the next two decades, "a number greater than 60 percent of the population." Hurt also Notes that some liberals are "growing increasingly uneasy about increasing the competition for American jobs." LINK

"Bush Calls for Buildup on Border," reads the Los Angeles Times headline above its lede-all. LINK

(Note the Jones and Hayworth quotes.)

Coverage from the Boston Globe: LINK

Bush speech: reaction:

The Los Angeles Times includes Gov. Schwarzenegger's reaction statement: "Border state governors were not consulted about this proposal in advance, and there are many outstanding questions about the impact of the president's proposal on Californians. . ." LINK

Bush speech: op-eds and editorials:

In his New York Post column, John Podhoretz focuses almost exclusively on the President's border security language and asserts that President Bush "did himself some good" last night. LINK

The Wall Street Journal editorial board asserts that President Bush is far more in line with Ronald Reagan on immigration than some of the more conservative/"nativist" Republicans may like to believe.

The Boston Herald editorial board points out the Bush Administration's policy "flaw" in offering a short term "political stop-gap" rather than long-term solutions to border security. LINK

The Los Angeles Times editorial board writes that President Bush used the right words in his speech last night, but questions whether it will inspire the action he seeks. LINK

The Washington Times editorial board blasts the Hagel-Martinez bill with costly numbers. LINK


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