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8 days until Election Day


The major moment of the post-GMA political day will almost certainly be Bill Clinton's Philly star turn with would-be 44 John Kerry.

But that is an event for amateurs; here's what the pros see pending:

Just how emotional will President Bush's closing TV ad be?

Are Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire truly in play through November 2nd?

Which side is right about the potential for there to be meaningful divergence between the national and battleground state polls?

What under-the-radar interest group and party spending on voter communication will be brought above the radar?

Will the remaining polling (tracking and "regular") show the race enough of a tie that neither candidate goes into the final weekend characterized as being ahead?

Will the final turnout total be closer to 110 million or 122 million?

Is there a galvanizing Nader event before Election Day?

When do TV anchors switch to their "the time for persuasion is over — now it is just a matter of turning out their vote" mantra?

Is ACT all that or not?

When will Note readers who haven't discovered Noted Now realize that they can get the latest political news — in Note-y style!! — right here around the clock? LINK

What is the rank order of these variables in terms of the likelihood they will affect who wins the White House: Maine's Second Congressional District; West Virginia's potentially faithless elector; Arkansas' electoral votes; Hawaii's electoral votes; and Colorado's ballot measure that would retroactively change the state's electoral college vote distribution system?

Will the NYT front pager on explosives and Iraq totally, partially, or slightly obscure Bush's message of the day? How will the battleground papers and television stations cover it?

Will Bush or Kerry hold a final, pre-election news conference?

Going into next weekend, do more Americans continue to think Bush will win than think Kerry will win?

How big an impact will Jamie Gangel's upcoming pivotal and tough investigative piece on the Bush White House have? (Just kidding!!!)

If such things could be measured, which would have a higher metric on the over-the-top scale: the closing pro-Kerry ads on African-American radio or the closing pro-Bush ads on Christian radio?

Will Washington Post Style section editors come to their senses and commission that last-minute Steve Schmidt profile — a must-read even before it is written?

How many Drudge sirens will there be?

Does Teresa Heinz Kerry make news before Election Day, and if so will it have been authorized?

How many more days off will the president have before the election?

What piece of research will BC04 drop on John Kerry, and what will its impact be?

How many (more) chances will Chad Clanton get to invite Jennifer Millerwise out to dinner live on cable TV?

Will Mike McCurry continue to do a running commentary on the race, right through Election Day?

Will John Kerry fly a helicopter, play hockey, and/or stand side by side with The Boss and handle back-up guitar duties on "No Surrender"?

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