The Note: The Sport of King(s)


Note quiz: which elements on the list below are the fruits of reporting and which are blatant homage to the old Larry King USA Today column?

You gotta wonder what Big Business has done over the congressional recess to put its money where its interests are on pressuring House Republicans on immigration reform. . . Look up "class" in the dictionary and there, my friend, you will see a picture of Mr. Tony Bennett . . . Nothing could be finer than to savor a Gang of 500 brunch at Lauriol Plaza this Sunday after watching George Stephanopoulos' exclusive Sunday interview with former presidential candidate Al Gore. . . . If there are mint juleps, why not rasberry juleps? And why not mint-lime rickeys? . . . Who are the senior Republican Senator and senior Administration official who have thought the most anew about Secretary Rumsfeld's future in the wake of Haditha? . . . Betsy Stark is the Irving R. Levine of our time. . . . For our money, proof of a Higher Being can be found everyday on the Game Show Network. . . When Speaker Hastert has lunch in Iraq with troops from the Land of Lincoln, does he have seconds? . . . After the election is over, if Democrats have won more than 20 House seats, which Republicans will belatedly acknowledge how gloomy the party's private spring polling was? . . . Waffles are for breakfast -- give us a sugar cone every time….Let's be serious: there's no better show on TV than ABC's "Lost" . . . You put Ron Howard and Tom Hanks together, people, and you get a surefire hit . . . We don't know about you, but to us Danielle was "America's Next Top Model" from the get-go . . . Anyone else see it coming that Beaver would turn out so bad on "Veronica Mars"?....Jim VandeHei seems to have sobered up . . .. Are George Pataki's approval rating highest in Des Moines, in Albany, or on 43rd Street? . . . From now on, the Old Media and New Media will believe any and all reports about alleged American atrocities in Iraq, until and unless proven false. . . . We've never seen a jobs report that couldn't be spun by both sides. Face it: the employment picture is mixed. . . . Karen Travers has been oddly silent on the Bikini Strangler story….Welcome back soon, Charlie Rose. We missed you, kiddo. . . Look up "handsome" on the Wikipedia thingy the kids are all using, and I'm told you get two pictures -- one of Jay Carson and one of George Clooney. . . .Not since Tom DeLay and Dick Armey have a Leader and Whip gotten along so, uhm, "well," as we say in Brooklyn. . . . When is that first big Josh Bolten profile coming out? . . . Just you watch the presidential tears flow like waterworks at Nicolle Wallace's going-away party . . .

A man who cries less often than his weepy dad, President Bush, meets with Chok Tong Goh, the senior minister of Singapore, at 10:05 am ET. He has a photo op with the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit at 10:40 am ET. He participates in the swearing-in ceremony for Rob Portman, the new OMB director, at 11:00 am ET. And he greets the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers at 1:45 pm ET.

On the heels of last night's announcement that the United States and five other major world powers have agreed to offer Iran a broad new collection of rewards if it halts its drive to master nuclear technology, Secretary Rice rebases from Vienna today.

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