The Note: The Sport of King(s)

The AP writes up one watchdog group's claim that gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos (R-MI) has already spent $5.4 million on air time this year. LINK

Bob Beauprez's path to the nomination just got a whole lot clearer as the Colorado Secretary of State announced that Marc Holtzman failed to submit enough signatures to secure a spot on the primary ballot. LINK

Bloomberg News looks at former Gov. Don Siegelman's (D-AL) 'on trial by day, on the campaign trail by night' run for his old office. LINK

Thomas Fitzgerald profiles the Philadelphia suburbs as Lynn Swann's biggest hurdle in the quest to be Pennsylvania's governor. LINK

Scott Helman and Lisa Wangsness of the Boston Globe write that Deval L. Patrick is leading the Democratic pack in Massachusetts, receiving support from Sen. Obama. LINK

Pat Healy of the New York Times looks at William Weld's "major rebuke" from the New York Republican Party. Despite his acquiring enough delegates to secure a spot on the September primary ballot, his opponent John Faso won the official party backing. LINK

Fred Dicker and Maggie Haberman of the New York Post write up the sparsely-attended barbecue Weld threw at his Long Island home after his big convention defeat. LINK

"A source close to Weld insisted, 'The big loser here is Pataki,'" reports the Dicker/Haberman duo. LINK

The New York Daily News' convention coverage: LINK

The New York Daily News' Ben Smith hears New York Republican Party executive director Ryan Moses is "headed for the door." LINK


Adam Nagourney delivers a must-read on where the major 2008 presidential candidates currently stand on Iraq. Nagourney finds hints of position recalibrations on the part of the two frontrunners, McCain and Clinton. The story also includes the not insignificant difference for the Senators considering a run for the White House as compared to the governors who have dreams of the presidency. LINK

We urge you to read every word and then clip n' save because you will want to refer back to this time and again.

But we also want to make sure you see this mustest of must-read portion of the story:

"When Mrs. Clinton was heckled by war protesters last week, she said that she stood by her support for the war, but added that she was beginning to see circumstances where the United States would be able to withdraw."

"An adviser said this could prove to be the start of an evolution that would lead to Mrs. Clinton's increasingly distancing herself from the conflict."

Believing that neither Al Gore nor Sen. Obama are running for president in 2008, the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza predicts that the "buzz" is likely to return to Gov. Mark Warner (D-VA) who has made "37 trips to 22 states and four foreign countries (Israel, Jordan, Switzerland and the U.K.) since helping to elect Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA) as his successor. LINK

On the Republican side of the aisle, the Roll Call alum writes: "Count us in the camp of folks who believe the former New York City mayor is leaning toward a presidential bid."

"Why?" he asks. "Because of events like the one next Wednesday in Chicago where Giuliani will collect cash for the campaign of David McSweeney, the Republican nominee against Rep. Melissa Bean (D) in the state's 8th House District."

2008: Republicans:

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