The Note: The Bounce of the Live Cat

The Wall Street Journal reports that after the Senate defeat of a gay-marriage ban, some on the religious right "debate seeking the requisite 34 states needed to call a constitutional convention."

The Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer calls the marriage amendment "a ban we don't (yet) need." LINK

Sen. Specter vs. the Bush Administration:

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) is poised to become the leading new headache for the Bush White House, reports Rick Klein of the Boston Globe. LINK

The Washington Post's Walter Pincus has Sen. Specter saying in an interview: "I think he [Cheney] is serious about trying to work something out. For the first time, he said they are willing to consider legislation." LINK

In the same paper, Michael Fletcher writes that a recent exchange of letters between Cheney and Specter brought into public view the "simmering" tensions between the Administration and Specter, who has been openly critical of the administration's electronic eavesdropping and data-collection programs. LINK

The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg covers similar territory and Notes the personal phone call Mr. Cheney placed to Sen. Specter yesterday. LINK

Politics of immigration:

The Wall Street Journal's Wirey John Harwood has an "adviser" to Sen. McCain, who like President Bush "backs 'comprehensive' border and guest-worker bill, saying, "I don't see how it comes out of conference in that form." The well-quaffed Harwood also reports that even before Bilbray's tough talk helped him win a San Diego House seat, GOPers in both House and Senate were mulling the possibility of passing a "security-only bill" before the midterms while business groups prepare to push a separate visa increase for "skilled workers."

Big Casino budget politics:

"Lawmakers have agreed to a long-sought $94.5 billion bill to pay for the war in Iraq and deliver an infusion of hurricane relief. The bill won't clear Congress for President Bush's desk until next week. . ., " reports the Associated Press. LINK

Note that the President apparently won't have to veto this baby. The Streak lives.

The Fitzgerald investigation:

Get ready to pony up. The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reports that Mary Matalin is hosting a $500-a-head June 20 reception for Scooter Libby's defense fund. "A flier for the event says $5,000 co-hosts include former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, former Energy Secretary Spence Abraham, and Bush political ad-man Mark McKinnon."

Death penalty politics:

On the front page of the Washington Post, Candace Rondeaux and Michael Shear report that Gov. Tim Kaine's (D-VA) decision to put on hold for six months the execution of a "triple-killer" to examine his mental state "renews questions about the governor's commitment to enforce the death penalty." LINK

New Hampshire phone jamming:

The Democratic National Committee has directed its legal team to provide pro bono legal assistance to the New Hampshire Democratic Party as they seek to depose national Republican officials in the legal proceedings surrounding the 2002 phone jamming case. Specifically, if the court approves, the DNC's lawyers intend to depose Ed Gillespie, Terry Nelson, Chris Lacivita, Alicia Davis, Chris Cupit, and Darryl Henry.

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