The Note: The Frogless March

Gov. George Pataki plans to announce his PAC's Iowa leadership team today.

Per a copy of the prepared press release obtained by The Note: "State Senator and Former Majority Leader Stew Iverson (District 5) will serve as the PAC's Iowa Chairman. Ed Failor, Jr., Executive Vice President of Iowans for Tax Relief will join as Senior Political Advisor to the PAC. Longtime political activist Diane Crookham-Johnson will be the PAC's Iowa Executive Director. Stew, Ed and Diane will be joined on the PAC's Iowa leadership team by Benton County Republican Chairman Loras Schulte and JoEllen Hill, Republican campaign manager and activist."

2008: Democrats:

Two potential 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls (one named Clinton, the other Kerry) displayed their party's disunification on Iraq policy at the Campaign for America's Future's annual conference. ABC News' David Chalian has more: LINK

In his write-up of the cool reception that Sen. Clinton's rejection of an Iraq timetable received on Tuesday, the Washington Post's Dan Balz raises the Notion that perhaps Sen. Clinton sought to draw dissents from the crowd as a way to burnish her credentials as a strong-on-national-security centrist. LINK

Howard Wolfson, however, was quick to dismiss such questions. "She had enough respect for her audience not to pander or duck the issue," said Wolfson.

The New York tabloids enjoy the booing Clinton received during her speech of course. LINK and LINK

The New York Times offers a "Democratic divide" piece wrapping the starkly differing views about whether to set a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq in yesterday's speeches at the Campaign for America's Future conference. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Zeleny on the same: LINK

In an interview with the Boston Globe's Rick Klein, Sen. Kerry said he has "learned from the mistakes of his campaign, including his inability to articulate an easily understood position on the war. Now, drawing on his experience as a Vietnam-veteran-turned-war-critic in the early 1970s, he is making clear that he is a full-throated opponent of the Iraq war." LINK

If you missed Sen. Biden telling Wolf Blitzer yesterday that he planned to talk to Sen. Kerry about all this, we suggest you pull the transcript.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Marc Sandalow analyzes the difficulties Democrats are having turning "what was once the Republican Party's strongest asset" -- its unreservedly pro-war stance -- "into its electoral downfall." LINK

The New York Times has a wrap of Clinton's comments yesterday about family planning. LINK

Clinton also said yesterday that while she co-sponsored a bill to ban flag burning, she will vote against a flag burning constitutional amendment. LINK

In the wake of Sen. Clinton's jeers and Sen. Kerry's cheers, Gov. Vilsack (D-IA) criticized the President's handling of the war but refused to set a timeline for troop withdrawal, Notes the Des Moines Register's Jane Norman. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Beaumont (with a Manchester, NH dateline) reports that Gov. Tom Vilsack's trip to New Hampshire makes him one of the last potential Democratic '08ers to visit the state. LINK

The Quad City Times Notes that Vilsack's trip to New Hampshire could be the governor's opportunity to show people what he's got. LINK

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