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ABC's "GMA" led with the death of the Curse of the Bambino. NBC's "Today" led with the Joy of Sox. CBS' "Early Show" led with grown men crying last night. Giuliani says of missing explosives "the actual responsibility was on the troops there"

On NBC's "Today," former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was asked by Matt Lauer about the missing explosives in Iraq and said: "The President was cautious. The President was prudent ... the actual responsibility was on the troops there. Did they search carefully?" Giuliani then moved back to saying: "The President was not willing to put blame on the troops."

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CBS Report on Satellite Photos: CBS' David Martin had a report on satellite photos of the missing explosives site in Iraq. "The Pentagon has located some old satellite photos of this weapons complex where those missing munitions were stored. These were photos that were taken before US troops ever got there and they show what intelligence analysts at the time called unusual vehicle activity, meaning there were a lot of trucks there. This is a huge complex and there could have been trucks there for any number of reasons having nothing to do with hauling away these explosives. So what the Pentagon is trying to do now is correlate the specific geographic coordinates of those bunkers where the explosives were stored with these satellite photos to see if there is evidence that trucks were parked outside those bunkers. If they can come up with that, that, obviously, would support the Bush Administration's argument that these weapons could have been taken away by Saddam's regime before US troops ever got there in the first week of April 2003, and, obviously, would undercut the Kerry Administration's (sic) argument that the Administration is guilty of incompetence for not having sent in enough troops to protect this weapons site from looters. Whatever these photos show- and they may not be conclusive in the end – whatever they show this case of the missing weapons has turned into the issue for both campaigns in the closing days of this race."


NBC's Campbell Brown interviewed Sen. John Edwards on "Today." He was asked about missing explosives, Social Security and his Christopher Reeve comment.

Edwards said: "We know that these explosives were there. We know the Bush Administration was notified ... they weren't secured ... now they are missing. Those are the facts." Brown challenged Edwards on the explosives, saying that they may have disappeared before the US got there. Edwards responded by saying: "They had a responsibility to secure this material. It was important for the security of Iraq, it was important for the safety of our troops ... what we know is that they didn't do it."

Edwards defended his use of an article in Fortune magazine about raising the retirement age that he used to criticize Bush even though Bush was not mentioned in the article by saying that the members of the Social Security Administration are part of the Bush Administration and by saying that Bush had recently been quoted in the New York Times (Magazine) as saying he was going to push for Social Security privatization. Edwards said: "Now he says he doesn't want to privatize" but quickly added that it's "fair game" and that "it's information that the American people deserve to know."

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