The Note: This Gun's for Hire

Obviously, again, there are public and serious private polls in all three places that don't match up with those at all, suggesting … … .uhm … we don't really know WHAT!!!!

So, with no clear idea where these key states, and the race, stand, we jump forward five days to Election Day itself, where we bring you, in advance, how things will go in the BC04/RNC war room on November 2.

Election Day Republican war room chronology:

5:30 am — Ken Mehlman scans morning papers; winces over latest Iraq attack; is unsurprised by Balz lead on "too close to call."

6:00 am — Steve Schmidt arrives in war room and begins reading papers in search of opportunities to attack John Kerry on the $87 billion vote/statement.

7:00 am — Mehlman and Rove have their last pre-meeting call together to go over plans; they notice a wire story about last-minute buy from Americans for a Secure Planet which charges Kerry blithely ignores threat from aliens; they are not unpleased.

7:04 am — Jennifer tells Chad to shove it on "American Morning" one last time.

7:30 am — White House senior staff meeting in Crawford; Andy Card thanks everyone; Bartlett, exhausted, thanks everyone and reminds folks that clear-headed thinking is needed; President takes last work out.

8:00 am — while monitoring Imus, Steve Schmidt hears Kerry announce his 15th position on Iraq and activates regional press operation and talk radio.

8:00 am — President votes in Crawford; Texas's 34 electoral votes seem secure.

8:01 am — Drudge siren announces Kerry's 15th position on Iraq.

8:35 am — actors Rick Schroeder and Arnold Schwarzenegger record last robocalls of the year; Zell Miller's final robocall regurgitates the spitball line.

11:00 am — Bush daughters visit Arlington HQ for the last time and thank the group; Mehlman gives a pep talk to the crowd; some think he talks too loudly — others are fine with the volume.

Noon — Dowd and Devine debate their internal tracks on Fox; Dowd wins and Tad argues that "it comes down to the ground game."

1:00 pm — Guessing game about second terms begins in earnest — if Danforth takes State, does Bolten succeed Card? Bartlett to deputy chief of staff, new job for Miers?

2:00 pm — Insane exit calling around; everyone but Dowd cheered by reports of long lines in Panama City, Cincinnati 'burbs, Appleton, and Latrobe.

3:00 pm — Mercer Reynolds and Jack Oliver take a breather at the Hay Adams.

3:03 pm — Mindy Tucker Fletcher goes on IP from Tally to assure America that every legitimate vote will be counted.

4:00 pm — Jim Dyke gets calls from Arkansas reporting all is well despite Clinton buzz from weekend rally in Pine Bluff; eschews NRA cufflinks for presidential ones.

5:00 pm — Don Rumsfeld realizes he hasn't courted Bolten all that well; plans to send fruit basket.

5:20 pm — Tim Griffin and Christine Iverson sign off on last "Elephant Never Forgets" — this time, an homage to John Kerry's term St. Paul's term paper calling Henry Wallace "a great man."

5:35 pm — Last "screw you" to Dan Rather — only small fry will do CBS tonight; big guns all do Fox, ABC and the other networks; CBS bookers scramble to get hookup with Lugar in Indianapolis.

6:12 pm — President Bush calls Jim Bunning; they talk baseball; Bush returns to going over twin speeches with Bartlett, Hughes, and Gerson; Karen wants President to say he will be a "Second-termer with Sustenance"; others are less fond of the phrase.

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