The Note: Strategy Of Necessity

But the data, perhaps, tells a different story: Michael Dimock, associate director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in Washington, said "a poll by his group this week showed that 52 percent of Americans favor a timetable for a withdrawal. In an Associated Press-Ipsos poll published June 9, 59 percent of respondents said the U.S. made a mistake in going to war in Iraq, up from 34 percent in December 2004."

The Washington Post's Shailagh Murray and Charles Babington look at yesterday's Iraq debate through the 2008 prism. LINK

The Washington Times' Bellantoni follows the New York Times and Notes that some Democrats are none too pleased over Kerry's troop withdrawal proposal, accusing him of running for president when his party needs to win the Senate more immediately. Per Bellantoni, some Democrats believe Kerry is "playing to anti-war liberals who were frustrated by his often stumbling position on Iraq during his 2004 presidential bid." LINK

The Los Angeles Times recaps the floor debate: LINK

The Associated Press reports, GOP Senators are giddy as the Democrats continue to debate amongst themselves which is the best approach to troop withdrawal. Sen. McConnell (R-KY) crowed, "'We're very happy to have this. . . It's been interesting to watch the Democrats debate among themselves.'" LINK

The Houston Chronicle includes this Sen. Clinton quote: "It is time to choose what is more important, a strategy to win in Iraq or a strategy for Republicans to win elections here at home." LINK

Sen. Clinton also said on the Senate floor that she does not "believe that it is a solution or a strategy to set a date certain for withdrawal without regard to the consequences."

However, under the Kerry-Feingold amendment, those forces that are "critical to completing the mission of standing up Iraqi security forces, conducting targeted and specialized counterterrorism operations, and protecting United States facilities and personnel" would remain in Iraq after July 1, 2007.

Senator Clinton argues about Republican tactics yesterday in Congress, but warns they may not have game in 2006. LINK

Trying to battle the naysayers, Sen. John Kerry told CNN's Anderson Cooper last night that Democrats are "unified on the most essential ingredient, which is the failure of this administration, their lack of honesty with the American people about what is really happening in Iraq. We're unified about the fact that you need to begin redeployment of American forces now. I think there is a unity in moving in a new direction."

The New York Post's basic response to Democrats: Pot. Kettle. Black. LINK

Minimum wage politics:

The Los Angeles Times includes a meta LaHood-Madden colloquy in which they don't seem to be singing from the same page on minimum wage. LINK

The Washington Times on the Democrats' failed effort to hike the minimum wage. LINK

USA Today Notes Sen. Kennedy came eight votes short. LINK

Estate tax politics:

The Wall Street Journal's David Rogers Notes that labor will next press for a vote in the House on the minimum wage and a "first skirmish" could come as early as today on a Republican estate-tax relief bill that Democrats say is a "giveaway to the wealthy and to timber interests."

The AP's Mary Dalrymple on the Senate Republican leadership's planned Arkansas-Louisiana-Washington bank shot to repealing the estate tax. LINK

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