The Note: Strategy Of Necessity

In the shadow of daunting poll numbers, starting tomorrow Sen. Santorum will take his campaign platform to the Pennsylvania airwaves with plans to stay there through November, reports James O'Toole of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. LINK

And the Post-Gazette editorial pages weigh in on Sen. Santorum and the politics of cheesesteak. LINK

Jonathan Riskind of the Columbus Dispatch reports that "heavy-hitters" President Bush and Sen. Hillary Clinton are traveling to Ohio this month to fundraise for Sen. DeWine (R-OH) and his challenger, Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), respectively. Private fundraisers only -- no public events are scheduled. LINK

Per the Morning Journal, Rudy Giuliani is planning on helping Sen. DeWine fill his coffers as well. LINK

In the upcoming New York Times Magazine out this Sunday, senatorial candidate (and Son of Jimmy) Jack Carter (D-NV) talks to Deborah Solomon about being on the "periphery" of politics and getting campaign advice from Dad.

On running against incumbent Republican John Ensign, Jack Carter says, "The Senate is a statewide race, and to the extent that the population is as disgusted with the operation of this administration as I am, then they'll vote to kick the bums out." He added later, "I don't want to beat but one guy. I don't have to be the best candidate in the world."

2006: Governor:

Quinnipiac University is out with new poll numbers today in the Pennsylvania governor's race showing Gov. Rendell (D-PA) maintaining a strong lead over NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann (R-PA), 55 percent to 31 percent. Rendell also scores a 55 percent approval rating, matching his best showing in that poll. Two of the most interesting findings in the poll are Rendell's trouncing of Swann among independents (60 percent to 22 percent) as well as Rendell's outperforming the former Pittsburgh Steeler/ABC Sports star among men (50 percent to 38 percent.)

A new television ad from Gov. Erlich (R-MD) is raising some eyebrows from opponents who find his centrist, "all politics aside" theme dubious, reports the Baltimore Sun. LINK

In the final week of the New York state Legislature, Attorney General Elliot Spitzer -- the state's leading Democratic candidate for governor -- is throwing making his presence known, per the New York Times. LINK

Newsday's Michael Rothfeld reports that Spitzer's previous and current campaigns have been generously supported by his family. His father, real estate magnate Bernard Spitzer, has loaned or donated over $5 million to his son's campaigns since 1994. LINK

Rothfeld also explores any possible quid pro quo from organizations which may receive Spitzer-family money, which the Spitzer Camp thoroughly denies.

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) paid a surprise visit to South Carolina troops in Iraq yesterday to bolster support and praise the soldiers' hard work. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

Although Gov. Schwarzenegger (R-CA) will headline a Log Cabin Republicans dinner next week, his relationship with California's gay community is not necessarily improving. He will receive the "Pink Brick" award from the San Francisco gay pride parade for snubbing gay interests, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. &LINK

2006: House:

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