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Reports ABC News' Catherine Upin: The ACLU has now filed their petition in Minesota federal court against the Minnesota Secretary of State for failing to conform with the HAVA act. The petition says Minnesota's identification requirements are more restrictive than the HAVA act. The petition also says Minnesota's identification requirements also unfairly target Native Americans (there are an estimated 70,000 in Minnesota) because the state prohibits the use of a valid, federally-recognized tribal ID for election-day registration if the citizen does not live on a reservation. On Wednesday, the Minnesota Supreme Court rejected the Minnesota State GOP's request to disclose the party affiliations of election judge workers to ensure compliance with a state law that no more than half of the judges in any precinct come from any one political party. The ruling did however require one St. Paul county to correct "minor imbalances" in eight St. Paul precincts.

ABC News Vote 2004: ballotwatch: Iowa:

Reports ABC News' Tarana Harris: "Late yesterday, Iowa Secretary of State Chet Culver said that auditors should not allow out-of-precinct ballots, reversing an earlier decision that voters could cast a vote for federal elections in the wrong precinct but the correct county. This decision halted litigation against Culver and has relieved county auditors who were concerned that out-of-precinct voting would cause mass confusion and increase the likelihood of problems on Election Day. Culver said recent decisions in Missouri, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan to not allow out-of-precinct ballots caused him to change his original ruling that such ballots be allowed."

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From ABC News' Tom Baldrick: Pennsylvania has not as yet extended the acceptance deadline for voters with absentee ballots overseas. A Republican lawyer urges everyone to use the word "yet" because he thinks the decision could be reversed next week. Democratic lawyers think this one is sealed — no extension needed and will most likely not be granted.

Last week, a district judge ruled against a Justice Department motion that was filed to extend the deadline. Yesterday, a motion was filed by two PA soldiers who claim they received their ballots late and wanted the deadline extended to Nov. 17.

It is unclear how big of an issue this will be. Over 11,000 PA troops are stationed overseas, and so far, evidence shows that the overwhelming majority received their absentee ballots on time. Gov. Rendell's office said that the one county out of 67 that sent out ballots two weeks late — Venango — compensated by sending them via express mail. The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter who wrote a detailed piece on this issue today says he got absolutely NO feedback/pickup on this story, leading him to believe that the issue is not as hot as it may seem.

ABC News Vote 2004: ballotwatch: Wisconsin:

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