The Note: Provocative Behavior

Your must-read 2006 story of the day comes courtesy of the Chicago Tribune's TV-friendly and aforementioned Jeff Zeleny.

"Four months before the midterm congressional elections, Democrats are mired in a ferocious battle for control of the House and Senate . . . Among themselves," reads the Zeleny lede. He also Notes that Washington, DC "fingers of blame are wagging largely" at DNC Chair Howard Dean. LINK

Zeleny recaps the Dean/Emanuel/Schumer feud over the 50-state strategy vs. the 2006 opportunities and has Dean declaring the DNC will invest in 10 Senate races and 38 to 40 House races.

The Los Angeles Times' Janet Hook pays homage to the chutzpah of the DSCC's Chuck Schumer and the DCCC's Rahm Emanuel. LINK

In order to pick up seats in both the House and the Senate, Democrats will have to appeal to their usual allies in the labor and environmental communities who have already endorsed seven House GOP incumbents as well as three Senate Republicans. The Hill's Alexander Bolton has the story. LINK

The Hill's Jonathan Kaplan reports that four left-wing bloggers have developed a strategy to garner financial support through the Internet to Democratic challengers in need of aid in their campaigns, endorsing 16 candidates who have little chance of winning their election races in November. LINK

Sen. Lieberman's primary politics:

The Wall Street Journal's ed board writes that "if Democrats drive Mr. Lieberman from their ranks, they will be sending Americans a message that George Soros and dominate their party."

Along the July 4 parade route in the Nutmeg State, the New York Times gathered reaction to Lieberman's announcement about a potential independent candidacy in November. LINK

The Hill's Jonathan Kaplan reports that Sen. Lieberman's potential independent run in November might make the races of three House Democratic challengers against Republican incumbents more difficult. LINK

2006: Senate:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Thomas Suddes opines that the strength of Rep. Sherrod Brown's (D-OH) effort to unseat Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) will depend on Brown's ability to turn out the vote in the Cleveland area and to emphasize the state's dismal economic conditions. Still, he faces a decidedly uphill battle, as Sen. DeWine has historically done well even in the most Democratic-leaning areas of Ohio. LINK

2006: ballot measures:

Per the Boston Globe's Jeffrey Krasner, "Healthcare advocates will decide today whether to put a question on November's ballot asking citizens if they support an even broader and more radical healthcare reform effort than the one underway" in Massachusetts. LINK


The Washington Post's ed board writes that evidence that Speaker Hastert was "taking care of himself" with the transportation earmark that included an interchange just 5.5 miles from property he owns is "rather thin" but the newspaper would still like to see Congress crack down on "earmarking gone wild." LINK

Redistricting politics:

Based on the doubts of Rep. David Price (D-NC) (who has "written several books about Congress," you know), the Washington Post's Charles Babington writes that Democrats are not eager to emulate Texas's redistricting, despite the Supreme Court's stamp of approval. LINK

On the Republican side, Babington has Tim Storey, a redistricting expert for the nonpartisan National Conference of State Legislatures, saying that GOPers appear to have "maximized their opportunities in the biggest targets, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina."

The Washington Post's ed board writes that last week's Texas redistricting decision makes clear "once and for all that the remedy for this country's redistricting mess is not going to come from the judiciary." LINK

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