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President Bush's meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki presents political problems for Sen. Lieberman just two weeks before the Democratic primary, bringing Iraq back to the fore. Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan put it succinctly: "If [Lieberman] stays away [from Wednesday's joint session of Congress for al-Maliki's speech], it will appear he's running from his record. If he goes, he'll remind people he's George Bush's biggest Senate cheerleader." The Hartford Courant's David Lightman has the story: Peter A. Brown opines that a run by Sen. Lieberman as a petitioning candidate might have repercussions for 2008 as well, "complicating] life for Democratic bigwigs, who would likely back Lamont against Lieberman in November." Bill Clinton "covered Lieberman with the political equivalent of fairy dust," writes the Los Angeles Times' Ellen Barry. The New York Times' Jennifer Medina on the Clinton/Lieberman rally: LINK

The Washington Post's David S. Broder: LINK

The Hartford Courant's Mark Pazniokas: The AP's David Espo: The Waterbury Republican-American's Paul Hughes: The Houston Chronicle's Sarah Levine: LINK

The New York Post's Maggie Haberman: The Clintons of Chappaqua:

We wonder if this Gallup Poll headline will capture the attention of some editors at the New York Post and New York Daily News: "Bill Clinton's Image Now More Positive Than Hillary Clinton's" LINK

2006: Senate:

Roll Call's Laura Whittington reports on Rep. Harold Ford Jr.'s (D-TN) potentially brightening prospects in his run for the Senate. She writes, "In a contest that conservatives are likely to eventually lament as an opportunity squandered, former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker (R) appears headed for a relatively easy victory in next week's GOP Senate primary in Tennessee.

The Hill's Jonathan Allen reports that Sen. Conrad Burns' much touted interior appropriations bill -- full of juicy earmarks for his Montana constituents -- likely will not reach the Senate floor before his November reelection. Allen cites many reasons for the disappointment: fear of Democrats riddling the bill with amendments, worry of Sen. Tom Coburn's (R-OK) war on earmarks, and anxiety that the Burns could receive bad publicity during the bill's difficult journey to approval. LINK

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and his Democratic colleagues in the New Jersey congressional delegation presented a united front yesterday, attempting to portray Tom Kean, Jr. as a close ally of President Bush in his quest to introduce private accounts into Social Security. The New York Times' Chen has the story. LINK

In one telltale sign of his increased power, Minority Harry Reid (D-NV) is fast becoming one of the most lucrative and oft-requested names in Democratic fundraising, given that his Searchlight PAC has raised and donated $1.6 million used to benefit Nevada congressional candidates and Democratic contenders across the country. "He's a player," says one commentator. Another Notes: "One thing Reid's doing is paving the way for a continuation in his leadership post, in what he hopes would be a majority position." The Las Vegas Sun's Lisa Mascaro: LINK

2006: landscape:

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