The Note: The First Woman Speaker

Balz Notes that despite his earlier pledge to run in November regardless of what happens in the primary could be "complicated" by a "landslide loss to Lamont."

Note that Liebermann has decided "not to attempt to discuss the war in his final commercials."

Balz also has a Lieberman adviser confirming the general state of the race as summed up in yesterday's public poll. Lieberman himself admits he is behind.

"Lieberman trails challenger in primary, new poll finds," The New York Times. LINK

"An Embarrassment of Riches for Lieberman's Challenger," Time magazine's Massimo Calabresi on Lamont explaining his ownership of Wal-Mart stock only a day after Lamont criticized the company for its wages and benefits. LINK

In his Political Punch blog, ABC News' Jake Tapper writes that with Lamont's endorsement by the New York Times, the Mayor of Lieberman's hometown, John DeStefano, and others, the question seems to have shifted from whether or not Sen. Lieberman will win the primary to whether or not he will decide to run as an independent when he does not win. LINK

"Unlikely Trail Boss," in a break from the coverage blitz swarming the Lieberman campaign, the Hartford Courant takes a look at Ned Lamont's campaign manager Tom Swan, and the contrast he creates with his boss. LINK

"Lieberman Forges On," the Hartford Courant on the Senator pushing through tough poll numbers and continuing his trek. LINK

"Old Friends With Deep Pockets," the Hartford Courant on faithful (and rich) Lieberman supporters continuing to stand by "their old friend" and offer reassurance. LINK

"Health Union: Joe Must Go," the New York Post on Sen. Lieberman. LINK

"In Connecticut race, bloggers are throwing curves and spitballs," The New York Times. LINK


After a federal appeals court panel refused to allow the Texas Republican Party to take House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) off the November ballot, Republican officials said they would take the right to the Supreme Court.

While on a conference call with DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer (D-NY), DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) reacted to the DeLay ruling by saying that he saw some "poetic justice" in it given that, in Rahm's view, "Usually, DeLay tries to figure out a way around the law."

"Appeals Panel Keeps DeLay on Ballot," the Washington Post reports in a story that has Scott Haywood, a spokesman for the Texas secretary of state saying that the office must certify ballots for the November election by Sept. 6. LINK

"If the state Republican Party appeal is still pending then, Haywood said that 'we'll probably move forward with the ballot as it is at this point, and right now a judge has ruled DeLay should remain on the ballot.'"

"DeLay stays on ballot, judges rule," The New York Times LINK

"Ruling keeps DeLay on Texas ballot; GOP to appeal to high court," USA Today LINK

"GOP to fight DeLay ruling," The Houston Chronicle. LINK

NGA Conference:

ABC News' David Chalian reports that most of the nation's governors will gather in Charleston, SC this weekend for the annual non-partisan National Governors Association summer meeting.

NGA Chairman Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) concludes his tenure as chair by maintaining his focus on his "Healthy America" initiative. The marquee panel at the NGA will take place on Saturday at 2:00 pm ET, featuring Coca-Cola President Donald Knauss, PepsiCo CEO Steven Reinemund, and General Mills CEO Stephen Sanger to discuss how industry can help contribute to a healthier America.

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