The Note: Faux-mentum?

When asked by ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about running as an independent in November, Sen. Lieberman said Friday in a piece that aired Sunday: "I'm not talking about what's going to happen after Tuesday, because I am confident that I'm going to win the primary on Tuesday." He went on to say, "I'm going to win the Democratic primary. And that's my last word on that question."

"'Scapegoat' Lieberman hits back," the Washington Times on the Lieberman-Lamont appearances on "This Week." LINK

Sen. Lieberman's primary politics: The Closing Argument:

"Lieberman Confronts Criticism Over Iraq," Dan Balz and Shailagh Murray in a story that has Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) calling Sen. Lieberman "dead wrong" on the war while Noting that many other Democrats in the House and Senate were on the same side as the Connecticut Senator, "including the front-runner for president of the United States, Hillary Clinton. She agrees with him, and is anybody going to vote her out of office anytime soon?"


"Lieberman Explains His Stance on Iraq," New York Times on Sen. Lieberman's "last ditch" effort to convince Connecticut voters that his support of the war is not support of President Bush.


Lieberman was sure to get his red meat line in, saying, "My opponent has done his best to distort my record, spending more than $4 million of his own money to mislead people -- or try -- into thinking that I am someone I am not . . . This is not unlike what Republicans did to Max Cleland."


"Joe Sticks to his Guns in 11th-Hour Plea," the New York Post on Sen. Lieberman. LINK

"'I'm not Bush,' pleads trailing Lieberman before vote," the New York Daily News. LINK

The full text of Sen. Lieberman's speech: LINK

Sen. Lieberman's primary politics: analysis:

"Conn. Race Could Be Democratic Watershed," Dan Balz in Sunday's Washington Post. LINK

"An upset by Lamont would affect the political calculations of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who like Lieberman supported giving Bush authority to wage the Iraq war, and could excite interest in a comeback by former vice president Al Gore, who warned in 2002 that the war could be a grave strategic error. For at least the next year, any Democrat hoping to play on the 2008 stage would need to reckon with the implications of Lieberman's repudiation."

"As Joe Lieberman's race goes, so goes the nation?" the Houston Chornicle ponders, as Democratic and GOP operatives watch tomorrow's Connecticut Senate primary to "gauge the depth and voter-motivating effect of antiwar sentiment and any possibly dangerous nexus with a mood to 'throw them all out.'" LINK

"In Conn. Senate race, it's all about war," the Boston Globe's Rick Klein working double-duty, this time on the anti-war Left buoying Lamont in his candidacy against Lieberman. Despite Lieberman's efforts to turn the race on social issues and Lamont's nascent political opportunism, Lamont has succeeded in making the race almost exclusively about Iraq. LINK

Sen. Lieberman's primary politics: the mood among Nutmeggers:

"As Lieberman backs war, many in party back rival," USA Today winning today's most obvious headline honor. LINK

"Angry at Bush, Troubled by Lieberman, Unsure of Lamont," Sunday's New York Times on the many in Bridgeport, CT who want to replace a familiar incumbent with a critic of the war. LINK

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