The Note: Everything's Different Now

The Democratic Party amps up the religion angle this fall, with the DNC expected to announce its own "faith advisory team" of religious leaders, Notes USA Today's Martin Kasindorf, who also touts a new website. LINK

The Associated Press on the same: LINK

The New York Post's Bishop looks at the big Democratic donor state that is New York. LINK

2006: House:

Per Roll Call, Stuart Rothenberg Notes that Dems have a "good shot" at gaining 24 Republican seats.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that over $16 million worth of television advertising time has been purchased by the NRCC and DCCC for three highly competitive suburban Philadelphia House races. LINK

On the Republican side those ads will attempt to show the incumbents' independence from President Bush and the national Republican Party, reports the Inquirer in a separate story. LINK

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun explores the competitive Democratic primary in Minnesota's 5th congressional district from where the country's first Muslim ever to serve in Congress may hail -- but not if Republican bloggers have their way. LINK

Per the Washington Times' Donald Lambro, Democratic consultant Alan Secrest suggests that if the election were held today, the Democrats would takeover the House. LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer takes a look at the Labor Day political kickoff in the battle for Ohio's first congressional district (including the television ads being launched by both the Cranley and Chabot campaigns) and other key Buckeye State races. LINK

Pat Healy and Jonathan Hicks of the New York Times had West Indian Day Parade duty and lead their write-up with the competitive four-way Democratic primary in New York's 11th congressional district. LINK

(However, the more important nuggets to most Note readers will be Sen. Clinton besting Rev. Sharpton's reception at the annual Brooklyn event and Jeanine Pirro's footwear.)

2006: Senate:'s Chris Cillizza is out with his latest look at the key Senate races and rates New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington as more likely to flip from Democrat to Republican than Tennessee is likely to flip from Republican to Democrat, keeping the Democrats shy of the six seats they need for a majority. LINK

Peter Cannellos of the Boston Globe Notes that Democratic hope to regain the Senate is a long shot with only Pennsylvania seat a "clear bet." LINK

Per the Washington Post's Robert Barnes, Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD) "scrambled for votes just feet away from" Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R-MD). "Cardin predicted 'a year of change' and said the Senate could shift to Democratic control. 'Not with my election, it won't,' Steele said." LINK

Bloomberg's Andrew Ferguson columnizes about the heat Sen. George Allen (R-VA) has taken from a group of property-rights activists who have condemned Sen. Allen's proposed National Heritage Area along Route 15 for betraying the catechism of individual liberty, small government and local control. LINK

Jennifer Medina of the New York Times reports on Sen. Lieberman and Democratic challenger Ned Lamont's appearances at a western Connecticut parade. LINK

"The parade provided a snapshot of the challenges that lie ahead for each candidate: Mr. Lieberman has to hold on to at least some of his Democratic supporters while courting Republicans and independents; Mr. Lamont has to expand his base to include more moderate voters, most of whom know relatively little about him."

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