The Note: The Pop-pop and Mom-mom Parties

"Wilkins, former speaker of the state House of Representatives, said Wednesday in a telephone interview from British Columbia that no one has contacted him and 'I'm staying here as long as President Bush is in office, and that's January 2009. My obligation is to him.'"

In addition to his detainee position, the Greenville News reports that conservatives have been "irked" by Graham's positions on immigration and judges.

CQ reports that the debate over the treatment and trial of terror suspects took an "unexpected turn" Wednesday as a House committee rejected a bill that echoes President Bush's proposals for dealing with the suspects.

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank on the cruel, inhuman, and degrading day the President's torture bill spent in committee. LINK

David Broder of the Washington Post opines on the critical turn in American politics last week that ended in the revolt of Republican senators against the President over the epic dimensions of torture. Dean Broder is in high dudgeon celebrating centrism. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

Robert Novak uses his column to lay out John Bolton's two year struggle to become U.S. ambassador to the UN, complete with elliptical bouquet to Senator Hagel. LINK


Mayor Michael Bloomberg, basking in the California sun, received encouraging words from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief Bill Bratton about a potential 2008 presidential candidacy. LINK

More from the New York Sun's Gerstein: LINK

Bloomberg remains on the Left Coast today where he attends two fundraisers for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA).

The New York Post's Stephanie Gaskell also writes up the Bloomberg presidential buzz from the Golden State. LINK

The New York Daily News covers it too. LINK

(Has anyone else seen that old time checkered-style New York City taxi cab with a "Bloomberg for President" ad on its roof driving around the city?)

2008: Republicans:

Is Tom Ridge gearing up?

The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont reports that former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is scheduled to headline the Republican Party of Iowa's annual Ronald Reagan Dinner on Oct. 28. LINK

The Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi Notes that "there's a danger" for Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey "in getting too close to the national party, or to Romney." LINK

2008: Democrats:

After The Hotline portrayed Mark Warner's tax cut position (which substantively resembles that of Sen. Kerry, i.e., repeal the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans but keep the middle-class tax cuts in place) as "blasphemy in most Dem circles" and speculated about whether the "rightward shifts" of Warner and Sen. Clinton creating an '08 opening for the Left to unite behind "a Edwards, Obama or Gore, the Virginia Democrat called The Hotline to explain himself.

As reported in the "On Call" news blog, Warner thinks the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans were "morally wrong and economically wrong" and he would indeed support their repeal. The Kerry position was right, he says. His concern was about the Democrats appearing to be "anti-'people-being-successful'."

"If Democrats take control of the Senate, Warner said they should 'definitely' vote to repeal the 'high level' cuts while possibly keeping "some of the middle income tax cuts in place.'"

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