The Note: Mistakes Were Made

Veteran Florida state Rep. Joe Negron (R) spent Saturday "busily calling super board members" to convince them "he's a logical choice to replace Foley," reports Jim Ash of the News Press. LINK

Ad for Dem Running to Replace Foley Calls for "More Moral" America

Tim Mahoney, the Democrat hoping to succeed former Foley as the congressman from Florida's 16th congressional district, is launching an ad in which he says: "Every generation has the responsibility of turning over to the next generation an America that's more moral and one that offers greater opportunity to their children."

The ad features Bob Graham, the former Democratic senator and governor of Florida who briefly ran for President in 2004.

Graham calls Mahoney a "common sense businessman who believes in faith, family, and personal responsibility."

The campaign has not disclosed the size of the ad buy.


"Sandwiched" between Sen. Kerry and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on Saturday, Democrat Mahoney said: "It's clear from all of the reports coming in from across the country that the Republican leadership team has been well aware of this problem with the pages for well over a year." LINK

Turning up the heat on Reynolds:

The main importance of this story will be what impact it has on the national narrative going into November. But as far as individual races go, Democrats are hoping that the Foley scandal will make the Foley seat highly winnable and the seat of Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) increasingly competitive.

In a Sunday event outside of Reynolds' district office in Williamsville, NY, a group of "concerned mothers" called on Reynolds to resign for not doing enough after he learned from Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA) that Rep. Foley had sent e-mails to a page which caused the page "some discomfort."

The Democrat running against Reynolds, Jack Davis, knows that his underdog campaign has been given a boost by the recent revelations. But the Davis camp -- for the time being -- is hoping to let the press and "concerned mothers" not directly connected to the campaign carry their message against Reynolds while they stay focused on hammering Reynolds more generally for "looking out for himself and not for western New York," an area which has been hurt by job losses.

The Reynolds camp alleges that the "concerned mothers" who spoke out today have close ties to Democrats. The main line of defense from the NRCC, which Reynolds chairs, continues to be that news organizations like the St. Petersburg Times were unconcerned by the "overly friendly" emails.

DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney responds by saying that congressional pages were entrusted to the House -- not to the St. Petersburg Times.

DNC's gay treasurer suggests Foley's GOP affiliation may have played a role:

In its weekend coverage, the McClatchey Newes Service had Andrew Tobias, the DNC's openly gay treasurer, saying: "As somebody who has met Mark Foley personally and has mutual friends, I am sad for Mark, and I hope he doesn't go to jail. The last time I saw Mark, he was 19 years into a relationship. That was sad that it had to be hidden. I hope the Republican Party continues to evolve so it's not so difficult to be an openly gay Republican. Will this play into the fears that all gay people are pedophiles? I hope not. There are heterosexual situations as well. Everybody decries this kind of situation. Even Mark Foley did, but he couldn't control it." LINK

Foley's 2002 tribute to pages:

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