The Note: The Mark of Truthiness

The New York Times ed board calls Hastert's performance "disturbing" and questions both Boehner's sudden change in story and the timing of Foley's contribution to Reynolds' NRCC. LINK

Former House page Jonathan Turley takes to the New York Times op-ed page and suggests that alumni of the page program ought to run it, rather than lawmakers with possible conflicts of interest. LINK

The Washington Post's Harold Meyerson mocks Rep. Ray LaHood (R-IL) for saying that Congress should shut down the page program instead of shutting down the GOP majority. LINK

Foley: FL-16:

Jonathan Kaplan of The Hill Notes that Majority Leader Boehner and the NRCC might disagree on how out of reach the Foley seat is for the GOP. LINK

The Los Angeles Times profiles Foley's replacement on the ballot, state Rep. Joe Negron, who spent Tuesday on jury duty. LINK

More on Negron from the Palm Beach Post: LINK

Joel Hood of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that election officials at state and local levels are considering posting signs in polling places and including notices in absentee ballots throughout the 16th Congressional District clarifying that a vote for former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley is a vote for his Republican replacement, Joe Negron. LINK

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that "conceding that Republicans face ''an extraordinary challenge'' in keeping disgraced Rep. Mark Foley's congressional seat, Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday the pundits predicting an easy win for the Democrats are underestimating the attention of Florida voters. Bush said he is ready to campaign for Joe Negron. LINK

Foley: profiles:

The Palm Beach Post reports that Foley's homosexuality was a "not-so-secret secret" around his Florida district. LINK

Foley: miscellaneous:

The Wall Street Journal reports that recent scandals highlight the ways in which instant messages can "haunt you." LINK

For the Washington Post's Style section, Shailagh Murray looks at the "open and closed lives" of a gay congressman. LINK

The Way to Win:

The new Random House book The Way to Win by Mark Halperin of ABC News and John F. Harris of the Washington Post is available to buy here now. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's discerning John Fund reviews the work in today's Wall Street Journal: ""a well-sourced, dispassionate look at the grim realities of running for president." LINK

Want to meet Halperin and Harris and get a book in New York City? Their first public event is tomorrow (Thursday) on the Upper West Side at the Makor/Steinhardt Center on W. 67th Street and you can get more information about it here. LINK

The Way to Win sightings: John Harris, on his first-ever trip to Nobu, on West 57th Street, dining with Gotham glamour gals Yvette Vega and Iva Zoric, one table away from Patti Hansen and her daughters/Rolling Stone offspring Theodora and Alexandra Richards; two tables away from Oliver Stone, and three tables away from Martha Stewart.

2006: landscape:

USA Today's Jill Lawrence reports that the high costs of television advertising are placing an extra strain on congressional candidates this term, Noting that Democrats and Republicans looking to take over seats in the House and Senate are paying top dollar in some of the country's largest media markets. LINK

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