The Note: Wherever the Evidence Leads, Part XV

And this weekend, a West Wing reunion of sorts, when Halperin and Harris appear with a Gotham-visiting Wolf Blitzer on "Late Edition," which Wolf regularly assures us is the last word in Sunday talk. LINK

E.J. Kessler, in a Forward profile of Halperin, writes that The Way to Win "abounds with juicy, insider details...acutely and cutely presented" and is "likely to emerge among the top political-journalism titles of the century's first decade." LINK

(We forgive the use of "likely," on the assumption that an editor inserted it.) Andrew Keen's PajamasMedia podcast interview of the authors is available here. LINK and here LINK

Oh, Irony -- thy name is the reaction to The Way to Win. The book looks at how America's political-media culture has become a polarized Freak Show, with extreme voices at the center of the country's politics -- and facts and decorum pushed to the fringe.,, and other websites are filling up with comments from the Right and the Left about the book, and the alleged political allegiances of the authors.

Those who hope Americans can unite around shared beliefs will be happy to hear that there is stark agreement: Halperin and Harris are extremely biased.

However, the nature of that bias is not so clear

GOPJ, on, says this:

"[Halperin is a] biased, self-serving, puffed up shill for the MSM and their liberal democrat handlers." LINK

And drindl, on, says something completely different: "Halperin is the WORST partisan in the news business, and the Note is the worst of the worst of political commentary -- precious and fawning and straight out of the mouth of Rove. It's below the quality even of People Magazine." LINK

At the sameā€¦

The Way to Win sightings: Road warrior partisans of all types are snapping up the book. At the Orlando Airport Borders, Republican super attorney Ben Ginsberg, who worked on both of President Bush's campaigns, was seen buying a copy. And Richard Plepler, Friend of Chris (Dodd) and HBO honcho, was spied grabbing his at Reagan National.

The Way to Win Just Asking: Which Olympian-sized leading Republican 2008 presidential candidate recently cited The Way to Win in a private meeting with political types a long way from his home state. The soon-to-be-unemployed man cited the book's concept of the Freak Show and praised both the text and the two authors by name.

You can buy your copy of The Way to Win here now: LINK

Charles Gibson interviews George H.W. Bush:

"Bush Bashing, Parental Advice and November Politics," reads the headline above ABC News' Charles Gibson's interview with President George H.W. Bush (41). LINK

Former President Bush on being the President's father: ". . . you know there's a lotta Bush-bashing, there's a lotta people out there that have nothing good to say about it. I'd hate to single out a newspaper for example but, I can't remember the New York Times ever writing anything positive about our son. And every, we all know that it's a very liberal paper and all of that. But it's, Barbara says, 'why do you read it, why do you sit in here complaining all morning?' I say I just wanna get it out of the way. And, but it hurts far worse when, when your son is criticized than when I used to be."

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