The Note: Denny's Grand Slam (cont.)

In a must-read, the Los Angeles Times' Richard Simon and Noam N. Levey have Karl Rove "conceding in a private briefing" Monday that the Foley "matter 'complicates things' for some Republican candidates who have been linked to the scandal." LINK

"In his private briefing Monday, Rove noted (sic) that with the Democrats needing just 15 seats to take control of the House, 'every seat matters.' It does not help, he suggested, 'having Foley's seat up for grabs rather than being safe and having Reynolds responsible now for fighting back on this issue.'"

"Overall, Rove sought to sound upbeat as he addressed the activists. He predicted the GOP would hold the House and Senate, but seemed to acknowledge that his hopes had been dampened in recent days."

"'I felt great about [the House] before Foley,' he said. 'But I still feel good about it.'"

A participant in the Rove call invited the Los Angeles Times to listen in on the call.

RNC ad buy suggests GOP sees OH, TN, MO as firewall:

In a must-read, the AP's David Espo reports that the RNC is "investing heavily in television advertising in Senate races in Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri in what officials describe as a firewall strategy designed to limit Democratic gains in the Nov. 7 elections and maintain the GOP majority." LINK

"The move reflects a desire on the part of Ken Mehlman, the Republican Party chairman, and other strategists to exercise more control over the drive to retain a majority, according to several Republican officials. They said the decision has caused friction with officials at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which historically has been the only party entity to run commercials on behalf of its candidates."

"The move also raises questions about the priority assigned by the RNC to races in other states where Republicans are in jeopardy - Pennsylvania, Montana and Rhode Island among them."

2006: House:

In a must read slugged "GOP Officials Brace for Loss Of Seven to 30 House Seats," the Washington Post's Jim VandeHei and Chris Cillizza report that GOP strategists are "all but writing off GOP open seats in Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Florida (the one previously held by Foley). Party officials said that three GOP incumbents in Indiana are trailing in private polling and that seats thought safe suddenly appear imperiled. These include the open Florida seat vacated by Rep. Katherine Harris, who is running for senator." LINK

The New York Times' Hulse has the NRCC all but conceding AZ-08 -- currently held by Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) -- to the Democrats. LINK

John Broder of the New York Times looks at how the GOP's financial advantage may be its greatest line of defense this year. LINK

Ari Emanuel, brother to DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel and inspiration for Jeremy Piven's character on HBO's "Entourage," gave -- to his brother's obvious chagrin -- $1,000 to the Republican National Committee. (He's also given more than $50,000 to Democrats.) LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer analyzes Rep. Curt Weldon's (R-PA) penchant for controversy and drama. LINK

In the Iowa House race between Republican Mike Whalen and Democrat Bruce Braley, the NRCC has spent more than $1 million as compared to $672,315 for the DCCC, reports the Quad City Times. Bill Burton tells the paper that Democrats plan to release a poll today that shows the Democrat leading "48 percent to 37 percent."

Foley: how's it playing:

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