The Note: Keep You Safer

The crafty Russell Berman of the New York Sun received an RNC email unintended for him and reports that the RNC's security list of some donors scheduled to attend a presidential fundraiser on Friday includes race/religion classification, despite Secret Service policy not to require such information. The RNC's Tracey Schmitt calls the incident "regrettable" and the DNC's Damien LaVera clearly relishes the easy rhetorical layup. LINK

More schedule items:

Iowa gubernatorial candidates Rep. Jim Nussle (R-IA) and Democrat Chet Culver attend a health care forum at Drake University in Des Moines, IA.

Alliance for Justice in conjunction with the Center for American Progress (CAP) has a 12:00 pm ET film screening of "Quiet Revolution," which traces the rise and impact of conservative scholars, lawyers and judges on American law and public policy at CAP in Washington, DC.

The National Press Club has 6:30 pm ET book discussion with Ben Barnes, author of "Barn Burning, Barn Building: Tales of a Political Life from LBJ to George Bush and Beyond," at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government sponsors a 6:00 pm ET debate, "Iraq: Accomplish Mission or Withdraw" at the John F. Kennedy Forum in Cambridge, MA.

Rep. Melissa Bean, the Illinois Democrat running for re-election against Republican David McSweeney, holds a 1:50 pm ET forum with middle-school students and teachers to discuss Internet safety at Lake Zurich Middle School in Hawthorn Woods, IL.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies holds an 11:00 am ET briefing regarding North Koreas nuclear test and associated issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.

Former Sen. John Breaux (D-LA) holds a health-care discussion at American University at 12:00 pm ET.

The Commonwealth Fund and the Alliance for Health Reform co-sponsor a 12:15 pm ET luncheon briefing, "Measuring up: A Comprehensive Scorecard for America's Health System," with Cathy Schoen of the Commonwealth Fund and Tom Miller of American Enterprise Institute at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.

The Civil Society Institute is scheduled to hold a 1:30 pm ET telephone briefing to release a new survey of likely voters who are "red, white and green."

Newspaper editors from four conflict-ridden nations have a 6:00 pm ET scheduled discussion titled, "Journalists Under Fire: Covering Conflict in Four Global Hot Spots," regarding the hurdles they face in covering the news at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

George Washington University's Public Diplomacy Institute will host "Anatomy of a Failure: What Went Wrong in Iraq?" at 6:00 pm ET with Washington Post reporters Tom Ricks and Rajiv Chandresakaran.


We want to Note a correction from yesterday's summary schedule where we mistakenly wrote that Jim Webb was endorsed by the League of Woman Voters in Virginia. Webb was in fact endorsed by the Virginia Educators Association. We regret the error.

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