The Note: Bush Politics Versus Clinton Politics

"Karl Rove's heroic efforts to preserve its fealty have failed to move Republican base voters. Karl cannot compensate for Bush's failure to project his issues as the midterm disaster for the Republican Party nears," writes Morris.

In yet another must-read, the Washington Post's Jim VandeHei reports that James Carville, Stan Greenberg, the DCCC's Emanuel and others "are now arguing in private deliberations that Democrats have a historic chance to not only win the House but also capture enough seats to build an effective governing majority. They are telling donors that it is worth the risk to shoot for a 40-plus seat gain, which would give Democrats a large enough majority to guarantee that they could move legislation and carry out investigations of the Bush administration." LINK

Note Harold Ickes' somewhat less than enthusiastic outlook and his inability to raise the money he had hoped he would thus far for his 527.

The Washington Times' Joseph Curl contrasts Karl Rove's confident prediction Tuesday that GOPers will hold the House and Senate with Vice President Cheney's more tepid comment on Rush Limbaugh's radio program that Republicans have a "good shot" at holding the House. LINK

In his lunch with reporters and editors of the Washington Times, Rove spoke about skewed press coverage of the election as well as alleged Democratic weakness on "terrorist-surveillance" and "terrorist-interrogation." He also Noted that "Between now and the election, we will spend $100 million in target House and Senate races in the next 21 days."

Rove, who receives 68 polls a week for Senate, governor and House races, said, "My head is about ready to explode."

Note, too, that Rove sees little Foley effect on the outcome of the midterms.

And Note too John Boehner's seemingly wilting poker face on Fox and Friends this morning.

A recent Gallup poll finds 23% approving of the job Congress is doing, with 71% disapproving, per the New York Daily News. The poll says the public's approval of Congress remains at lows not seen since Republicans kicked Democrats out of power in 1994,write Kenneth Bazinet and Michael McAuliff. LINK

The Hill's Kaplan and Blake write that fundraising could easily be the deciding factor in many of the country's closest House and Senate races, but warns that "history shows that money has its limits." LINK

The Way to Win:

In a column headlined "Which Way to Win," the Washington Post's David Ignatius writes about the new book The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008 by "two of the media's best political observers," both of whom are familiar to Note readers. LINK

Ignatius looks the concepts of "Clinton Politics" and "Bush Politics" and tries to divine how 2006 will play out.

One of the book's authors, John F. Harris of the Washington Post, is available to you around the world today, in a Live Talk chat sponsored by Newsweek at 1 pm ET.

You can submit your questions to Mr. Harris here. LINK

("What is Jim VandeHei really like?" has been asked and answered.) If you are now ready to buy your own copy of The Way to Win, you can do that here. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

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