The Note: Pending: Six Days of November Surprises

Tom Witosky of the Des Moines Register discusses the differences between Republican Mike Whalen and Democrat Bruce Braley on trade. LINK

The Boston Globe's Joseph Williams on the possible first Muslim lawmaker in the House. LINK

Ed Vogel writes up one of Nevada's toughest House races, between Jill Derby (D-NV) and Dean Heller (R-NV). Heller is quoted in the article as saying, "If this were 2002 or 2004, the race would be over. It is because of the national mood (against Republicans) that this seat is in play." LINK

2006: Senate: Tennessee:

In a piece looking at Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia for Sunday's Los Angeles Times, Ron Brownstein had Andrew Arulanandam of the National Rifle Association saying that the gun-rights group "will not criticize Ford, who received a B grade from the organization. LINK

"That could amount to a major bullet-dodge for Ford," writes Brownstein.

Newsweek's Jonathan Darman profiles said Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN) in the magazine's cover package on some of the centrist Democrats (Ford, McCaskill, Webb, Casey) who may hold the key to the Democratic Party gaining the majority in the United States Senate. Ford's ambition, family history, and morning prayer all get some play in the profile. LINK

Richard Wolffe of Newsweek explores how -- at the urging of the White House -- Lamar Alexander image maker Tom Ingram has been sent to rescue Bob Corker. LINK

Newsweek's Ellis Cose ponders the truthfulness of poll respondents in Tennessee when asked if they would vote for Harold Ford, Jr. LINK

Neither Corker nor Ford is very happy with the activity of their respective national parities in Tennessee. Both men say negative ads are slowing their ability to spread their message reports Brian DeBose of The Washington Times. LINK

The Nashville Tennessean on the RNC's ad attacking Ford. LINK

2006: Senate: Virginia:

In Sunday's Washington Post, Tim Craig and Michael Shear looked at how Senator "Don't Tuck Tail and Run" said recently: "The president has his ideas on Iraq, John Warner has his and I have mine." LINK

The Washington Post's Lisa Rein takes a look at the Allen and Webb attempts to soften their images in the hopes of capturing the female vote. LINK

In this week's New Yorker, Peter Boyer profiles the Virginia Senate race and writes that James Webb, a Democrat "who is licensed to carry a pistol and whose campaign vehicles include a camou?aged Jeep, will not be mistaken by voters for Howard Dean --or George Allen."

2006: Senate: Missouri:

The Kansas City Star's Goldstein and Klaske Noted yesterday that it's "no more Mr. Nice Guy" for Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO), as he makes his attacks on opponent Claire McCaskill (D-MO) personal. LINK

2006: Senate: New Jersey:

The Newark Star-Ledger's Deborah Howlett and Joe Ryan Note that the weekend's guests foreshadowed a possible 2008 showdown, as Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) campaigned for incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NY) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) stumped for challenger Tom Kean Jr. (R-NJ). LINK

Kean gets front page New York Times profile treatment looking at his defeat in a GOP primary for a House seat in 2000 and the political career he has been building since then. Timesman David Chen has the story. LINK

Kean also gets profiled by David Segal in the Washington Post's Style section in a piece that Notes all the legacies on the ballot this year. LINK

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