The Note: Pending: Six Days of November Surprises

"Americans love a good up-from-nothing bootstrap bio, but when it comes to politics we tend to become shameless nepotists. This political season alone, Democrat Robert P. Casey Jr., the son of a former governor of Pennsylvania, is threatening to unseat Republican Sen. Rick Santorum. In Tennessee, Harold Ford,Jr. the namesake of a long-serving congressman, might trade up his House seat for a Senate office. Frank Murkowski, the governor of Alaska, lost his bid for reelection in a September primary, but his daughter Lisa Murkowsi still holds the Senate seat -- formerly his Senate seat -- to which he appointed her in 2002. And Jimmy Carter's son Jack, an investment banker who has never held political office, is running for Senate in Nevada."

Kean scores the New York Post endorsement today. LINK

2006: Senate: Pennsylvania:

Cynthia Burton of the Philadelphia Inquirer describes New Jersey's Bergen County as the apple of both parties' eye, as they predict it will be the bellwether in the Garden State's tight Senate race. LINK

2006: Ohio:

The Cincinatti Enquirer endorsed Sen. DeWine over the weekend, calling him "an effective moderate." LINK

2006: Senate: New York:

Ben Smith of the New York Daily News gets the wood with his exclusive chat with Clinton opponent John Spencer who claimed that Clinton has had plastic surgery, something Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson denies. LINK

"He says the senator used to be ugly -- and speculates she got 'millions of dollars' in plastic surgery," reports Smith.

2006: Governor:

USA Today finds Democrats poised to take control on a state level. Kathy Kiely examines the benefits that come with state control, including redistricting. LINK

USA Today breaks it down state by state. LINK

The role of standardized testing in Florida and Texas have become huge, front and center issues in those states' gubernatorial races. Republican candidates are emphasizing their support of standardized school testing while their Democratic opponents publicly condemn testing. Peter Whoriskey of the Washington Post has the story. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jim Carlton looks at how the Republican candidate for governor in Alaska is using voter anger with corruption and incumbents to her advantage.

The New York Times' Fernandez explores Eliot Spitzer's unlikely appeal in Republican pockets in the Empire State. LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Mario Cattabiani reports that many of NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann's (R-PA) former teammates appreciate his class on the field but have a difficult time envisioning him as Pennsylvania's next governor. LINK

Gov. Jodi Rell (R-CT) receives the New York Times endorsement. LINK

Margaret Cronin Fisk of Bloomberg News looks at Democrats' effort to go after GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos for his leadership in Amway Corporation. Dems are claiming DeVos created jobs in China while cutting jobs in Michigain. LINK

Hillary Clinton's debate weekend:

In Sen. Clinton's first debate on Friday, she refused to rule out running for president in 2008 and she refused to commit to serving her full six-year term if re-elected.

She also said that any voters who are bothered by her refusal to rule out running for president should factor that into how they vote. That is -- not coincidentally -- a version of the answer that George W. Bush gave when he was running for re-election as Texas governor in 1998 amid speculation that he would run for president.

The New York Times: LINK

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