The Note: Stop Reading Polls

Dean also said that Democrats "have no interest in partisan fighting," but instead in leading the country in "a new direction." Gov. Dean went on to blast President Bush for having a "permanent commitment to a failed strategy" in Iraq.

Pelosi politics:

ABC News' Claire Shipman profiled Nancy Pelosi on "Good Morning America." Dean didn't back away from any of her tough rhetoric against President Bush but asserted that she has respect for the office of the presidency and should she become Speaker it will be her responsibility to work with the President. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

James McNair of the Cincinnati Enquirer describes Vice President Cheney's visit as a "luncheon gathering so quick that he didn't have time to eat." He never even "uttered the names of Republican Reps. Steve Chabot, Jean Schmidt, or Geoff Davis." LINK

First Lady Laura Bush fundraises in New Hampshire on Monday in Manchester with the state GOP. LINK

Same-sex marriage:

Coming soon to church fliers and direct mail near you ("near" if you don't live in Manhattan):

"The New Jersey decision could stoke the fires for social conservatives elsewhere," write Michael Powell and Robin Shulman of the Washington Post on the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that gay couples deserved the same rights as straight couples. LINK

More from the New York Times: LINK

Former Republican pollster Frank Luntz told the Los Angeles Times that Democrats don't want single-sex marriage to be an issue on November 7th because "cultural conservatives are sure to vote, and that's good news for the GOP." Ellen Barry on the yesterday's ruling on gay unions in New Jersey and what it all means for the midterms. LINK

"It's so profoundly emotional and meaningful," said former Gov. Jim McGreevey (D-NJ), reports the Newark Star-Ledger. LINK

Politics of stem cell research:

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register reports that Michael J. Fox will campaign for gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver. LINK

Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan's involvement in the television ad campaign opposed to Missouri's Amendment 2 on stem cell research funding gets the New York Times treatment today, including a helpful list of historic examples of politics and baseball mixing. LINK

The Boston Globes Susan Milligan and Rick Klein Note the Democratic "wedge" issue of stem cell research. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Michale J. Fox vs. Rush Limbaugh: LINK

2006: landscape:

"In both parties, a consensus now exists -- buttressed by polls -- that disaffection with a war grown costly and difficult to manage is the gravest threat to continued Republican rule," write Peter Slevin and Michael Powell of the Washington Post, on how the war has turned against Republicans. LINK

A crop of conservative Democrats candidates are making trouble for Republican incumbents. Some of the Democrats best House challengers this election season are conservative enough to be endorsed by the Blue Dogs and the centrist part of the Democratic wing, reports Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

The New York Times' Carl Hulse Notes that exhaustion and strain in the campaign home stretch can often lead to candidate gaffes. LINK

The New York Times also looks at how "Google bombing" has seeped into the 2006 campaign culture. Tom Zeller, Jr. has the story. LINK

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