The Note: Stop Reading Polls

USA Today's Martha Moore reports on a mayoral conference organized by Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston (D) and Michael Bloomberg (R) in Chicago that has brought together 109 cities to focus on tougher state and federal gun laws. Mayors say they struggle to stem the flow of guns from states with lax gun laws. LINK

2008: Republicans:

John DiStaso writes that Sen. McCain is in New Hampshire today, campaigning with Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH). McCain's PAC will announce the names of 51 state legislators who are supporting him, "more than double the 22 lawmakers who joined McCain in 2000." LINK

On Rudy Giuliani, DiStaso writes that he "will return to the state on Nov. 3 to keynote a forum for Victory NH, a network linking Republican leaning activist groups. The subject will be the importance of protecting the state's first-in-the-nation Presidential primary." LINK

2008: Democrats:

Steven Winn of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on Sen. Obama's "highly produced event" which "played like a campaign stop dry run." In response to the questions about his plans, Obama replied, "I'm the flavor of the month, this is a celebrity culture, and that culture has to be fed." LINK

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times details Sen. Obama's (D-IL) west coast visit to Seattle today. Despite putting a 2008 WH bid in play, Obama formed his senate re-election committee, Obama 2010, and informs guests of the private luncheon event on how to make contributions. "Without organization, Obama will not be able to translate his popularity into presidential political primary power." LINK

Patrick Gavin and Jeff Dufour of the Washington Examiner 'Yeas and Nays' column write that many internet domain names invoking a 2008 presidential run for Barack Obama have already been secured. If Sen. Obama pulls the trigger on a run for the White House, he may have to cough up some cash to woo a domain name he likes away from its current owner. LINK

In the forthcoming Sunday New York Times Magazine, Alexandra Starr features the prospects of female candidates in western states this year, concluding with a focus on Sen. Clinton's potential run in 2008. Starr points to the region's "receptivity" to female leaders and its "transparent political parties and history," both of which could translate into a regional victory for Clinton if she runs. Starr continues: "She would have trouble carrying the states in the South, but if Western voters extend their embrace of female leadership to the highest levels of government, a promotion from the Senate to the White House could be within her reach."

Coverage of Sen. Bayh's trips to New Hampshire and Kentucky from the Laconia Citizen LINK and the Cincinnati Enquirer LINK

Looks may not be everything, but it is certainly something in electoral politics, reports the New York Times' Marc Santora in "Thursday Styles" keying off of the recent controversy surrounding remarks made by Sen. Clinton's opponent, John Spencer, about her evolution in appearance. LINK

Ballot measures:

The interplay of the minimum wage ballot measure and various House and Senate races is increasingly important in the nation's "nip-and-tuck" races, reports the St. Louis Post Dispatch in a story that also looks at the way in which gay marriage ballot measures will galvanize the right. LINK

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