The Note: Consensus Reached


At this time of intense pressure and negativity on the national town square, it is comforting to know that President Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Lynne Cheney, Phil Singer, Karl Rove, Elizabeth Edwards, and every other elite Republican and Democratic politico share a set of cherished core American beliefs:

The Iraq war is the great force in the midterms.

No one in the press or interest groups can police last-minute robo-calls or mail.

There is a certain Senator from the Northeast who talks too much.

There is a certain Cabinet member who talks too much.

If you know where and how Michael Whouley is spending his next week and a half, you will know how Democrats will do on Election Day.

If you know where and how President Bush is spending his next week and a half, you will know how Republicans will do on Election Day.

Harold Ford needs to be ahead by at least 5 on November 6 to win on November 7.

David Yepsen thinks he himself would be a better governor of Iowa than Chet Culver or Jim Nussle.

You can spend more and still lose.

The view that 2006 is "the most negative" campaign ever is quaintly absurd.

Michael Steele is a better candidate than his numbers reflect; George Allen's numbers are better than his campaign warrants.

History may be kinder to Dan Allen than to George Allen.

Republican candidates around the country are still paying a price for the House leadership's mishandling of the page scandal in the first week after Mark Foley was exposed.

Bill Clinton can talk owls down out of the trees.

It is amazing that Republicans haven't done more to scuff up Hillary Clinton this year in advance of 2008.

Going into the New Jersey Senate race was either a) a sign of desperation by the Republicans, or b) a brilliant tactical maneuver that could be remembered as the one bright spot for the party this year.

Picking Bob Menendez for the Senate was not Governor Corzine's most inspired decision.

The only way to get a fair message out is through (friendly) New Media, because the Old Media is incompetent, weak, and biased.

If you think there has never been a more interesting midterm election season, either you are really young or you have a faulty memory.

Politicians are once again being forced to say that "there has never been a more important election in all of American history" even though they don't really think it.

If Republicans hold the House, Howie Kurtz is going to have a field day with his Thursday, November 9 story on the Charlie Cooks, Stu Rothenbergs, Larry Sabatos, and other a-wave-is-coming prognosticators.

MVP (D): Chairman Emanuel.

MVP (R): Chairman Mehlman.

Best Supporting Actors/Actresses (D): Independent, aggressive, federal prosecutors.

Best Supporting Actors/Actresses (R): Liberal, activist, gay-loving judges.

On Election Day, the network exit polls will be highly suspect and highly coveted.

You can't refresh Drudge too often.

Please don't let the election go into overtime.

A man who approves of this list, President Bush, meets with NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in the Oval Office at 10:05 am ET.

According to this morning's look at the third quarter GDP, the U.S. economy is growing slower than expected. The slowdown was led by the chill in the housing sector, consumer spending held up OK and business investment is still a high point. This is a sobering number, but remember, this is a look in the rear view mirror, reports ABC's Betsy Stark.

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