The Note: Consensus Reached

The New York Daily News' McAuliff writes up Sen. John McCain's PAC support in New Hampshire (and Iowa and South Carolina too) as a warning sign for Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. LINK

In a rare Bay State appearance, Gov. Romney campaigned in Massachusetts for Lt. Gov Kerry Healey (R-MA), reports Andrea Estes of the Boston Globe. LINK

Kimberly Atkins of the Boston Herald reports has Gov. Romney telling supporters that Patrick is a "Mike Dukakis liberal." LINK

2008: Democrats:

Jacob Weisberg on Slate tries to calmly lose his mind over Barack Obama (D-Earth). LINK

Charles Krauthammer does the same thing, saying Obama should run for President in 2008 so that he can lose and win later on. LINK

Alex Fryer of the Seattle Times describes Sen. Obama's rally with Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) where the "smartest person" wasn't the two Senators or congressional candidate, but "it was the guy selling 'Obama for President' campaign buttons and t-shirts." LINK

David Ammons of the Associated Press reports that although "Obama sounded like a national candidate, but neither he nor the other speakers who lavished praise on him directly referred to his presidential bid." LINK

According to a poll released by WISH-TV (CBS) in Indianapolis, Sen. Bayh has a 64 percent approval rating and 57 percent of Hoosiers "approve of Bayh for a presidential run." LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Sen. Kerry's stumping on behalf of Pennsylvania politicians. LINK

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza writes that the "word out of Iowa" is that Gov. Tom Vilsack (D-IA) is "beginning to solicit contributions for an early December event that would raise money for a federal political action committee." LINK


The Palm Beach Post follows the New York Times reporting on the Human Rights Campaign staffer link to the Foley emails. LINK

Casting and counting:

The New York Times takes a long front page look at some Democratic concerns that black voters, possibly disillusioned from their voting experiences in 2000 and 2004, may decide to sit out this election. Timesman Ian Urbina reports what a critical blow that would be in some of the key Senate contests in Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri. LINK

Richard Wolf tackles what could be the most important issue on November 7, in Cleveland LINK and around the rest of the country. LINK

Whether due to fraud or just human error, USA Today checks out if voters will actually be able to cast their ballots when the time comes.

Wolf breaks down the ways that states and counties across the country are trying to increase voter turnout and decrease the number of voting issues. Anyone want to go vote at the mall? LINK

Early voting is up this year, USA Today's Bill Nichols reports. One race attracting early voters is the Tennessee Senate which is seeing a jump in early voting, due in part to the widely publicized battle between Ford and Corker. LINK

The Way to Win:

Buy the Random House book here. LINK

Other calendar items:

South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Joe Erwin hosts a reception honoring former Democratic National Committee Chairs Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Don Fowler, Columbia, SC.

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