The Note: Polls Versus Guts

Kay Stewart of the Louisville Courier reports that Kentucky's district 3 House race between Rep. Anne Northup (R-KY) and John Yarmuth (D-KY) is now "a toss-up" and therefore getting "an infusion of cash" from the national parties. There are conflicting polls about who is ahead, but one thing that is certain is that the DCCC is outspending the NRCC in the district. LINK

2006: House: IA-01:

O. Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa reports that First Lady Laura Bush urged people to get the vote out and talked about national security while she was campaigning for congressional candidate Mike Whalen (R-IA) and gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle (R-IA) in Waterloo, IA . She will meet her husband today in Le Mars, IA. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Tom Witosky reports that First Lady Laura Bush, while campaigning for Whalen, urged voters to the polls, "America faces challenges too important to be reduced to just politics." LINK

Pat Kinney of the Quad City Times also adds that while not mentioning Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) by name, Mrs. Bush still weighed in by saying, "responsible candidates understand that the men and women of our military are risking their lives for us overseas, and that we must conduct the debate here at home in a way that does not jeopardize our troops in harm's way." LINK

2006: House: WY-01:

The AP gives a close analysis today of Wyoming politics and the race of Democrat Gary Trauner to unseat GOP Rep. Barbara Cubin, a six-term incumbent who has won by at least 13 percentage points since she first took the seat in 1994. LINK

2006: House: AZ-01:

Arizona Republic columnist Richard Ruelas writes that Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ) is providing more than enough publicity this election cycle to NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, with his "non-stop barrage of campaign commercials" that links Renzi's Democratic opponent, Ellen Simon, to NAMBLA. LINK

The commercial says Simon was once a leader in the American Civil Liberties Union, "a radical group that defends hardcore criminals and the Man/Boy Love Association, a group that preys on our children."

Slate's Jacob Weisberg also gives his take on Renzi's NAMBLA commercial. LINK

2006: House: PA-10:

Michael Rubinkam of the AP reports that Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA) agreed to pay his mistress $500,000 last year in an attempt to keep her quiet until after election day. 2006: Senate: Missouri:

Jonathan E. Kaplan of the Hill writes that the final days before the election are more of an endurance test than a "test of their political skills" for the candidates, and the Missouri Senate race is no different. LINK

2006: Senate: Virginia:

Under a "Webb goes big as Allen stays local" header, the Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni and Seth McLaughlin report that former President Clinton will hold an election eve rally for the former Reagan Navy Secretary. LINK

Despite the surges of testosterone coming out of Virginia, the New York Times' Robin Toner sees women as holding the fate of the state's Senate seat. And both candidates are bringing in their female ringers. Mary Matalin has been campaigning for Allen, while Lynda Robb has been out there for Webb. LINK

2006: Senate: Tennessee:

Bonna de la Cruz of the Nashville Tennessean reports that senatorial candidate Bob Corker has "aired more ads this election season than any other candidate in 11 key U.S. Senate races" with over 12,007 commercials. LINK

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