The Note: The Courage To Create Change

Regarding one of the workers: "For about eight years, Rosales said, he worked on and off landscaping the grounds at Romney's home, occasionally getting a 'buenos dias' from Romney or a drink of water from his wife, Ann," reports the Globe.

Be sure not to miss Gov. Romney's initial "Aw, geez" reply when asked for comment.

After that, to delight McCainWorld, the story goes on:

"Several hours later, his spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, provided the Globe with a statement saying that the governor knows nothing about the immigration status of the landscaping workers, and that his dealings were with Saenz, who is a legal immigrant from Colombia."

"Fehrnstrom said that Romney would look into the matter further."

And, thus, we learn

1. This story is going to have some legs.

2. Governor Romney has some serious self-vetting to do. LINK

The RGA Rumble in Miami:

The New York Times' Nagourney has every juicy detail (from the $50,000 price tag on McCain's swanky gubernatorial wooing party to Gov. Pawlenty's prepared endorsement of McCain to the cut of John Weaver's jib as he walked through the hotel lobby) of the McCain vs. Romney dynamic dominating the Republican Governors Association gathering in Miami. LINK

Romney's spokesguy Eric Fehrnstrom provides the Times the official take from the Bay State crowd: "It makes sense for Senator McCain to be here honoring Republican governors, because as a group they are fiscally conservative and innovators in education and health care policy. The answers to many of the challenges facing our nation can be found in what they are doing every day."

Nagourney doesn't use his full throat to say we have a two-person race on our hands for now, but he comes pretty darn close.

Jonathan Martin of National Review also has the Pawlenty support for McCain and reports that Gov. Matt Blunt (R-MO) may make his Romney endorsement within days in his must-read piece on all the RGA goings on. LINK

(And Note the close Romney supporter who anonymously boasts of a dozen GOP governors poised to support Gov. Romney.)

Scott Helman of the Boston Globe writes up the McCain/Romney "dogfight" preview in Miami. LINK

The St. Petersburg Times "The Buzz" blog has John McCain hamming it up before the RGA got underway.LINK

The Washington Times story on the Romney/McCain tug-of-war in Miami includes the Massachusetts Governor's secret dinner and the Senator's midnight under-the-door invites. LINK

Vilsack makes it official:

The AP's Holly Ramer reports that New Hampshire voters "got right to business" when questioning Vilsack about domestic and foreign issues and the core of his campaign, renewable energy. LINK

In his Vilsack announcement piece, the Washington Post's Dan Balz has the orphan-turned-governor saying in an interview: "I just want to be on the stage. If I'm on the stage, I'll take my chances. I'll take my shot with anybody." LINK

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun questions how Vilsack differentiates himself with top aides replying, "he's the only guy who doesn't have Washington on his resume." LINK

With a Washington, DC dateline, one-time Hawkeye State resident Jeff Zeleny writes up Vilsack's entrance into the race for the New York Times including the dramatic details of how Vilsack became Mayor of Mt. Pleasant, IA in the mid-1980's. LINK

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