The Note: New Verse, Same As the First

The Denver Post's Christa Marshall reports today that Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has hired a new campaign manager for his '08 bid. Shelly Uscinski also served as Pat Buchanan's New Hampshire campaign manager. LINK


In a montage entitled "Meet Your Top Presidential Candidates," gives you enough attractive photos of the 2008 contenders to make your own candidate-calendar, if that's the kind of thing you're into, and we imagine it is. LINK

Bush library:

Sam Hodges of the Dallas Morning News reports on the efforts of Rev. William McElvaney and his fight against the proposed Bush Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. An opponent of the President's approach to international conflict, Rev. McElvaney speaking for the United Methodist Church said, "It certainly would not favor a pre-emptive war on a false premise, and try to bomb another country into democracy." LINK

The Houston Chronicle has more: LINK

Politics of climate change:

"A new coalition of environmental groups and major corporations such as Alcoa Inc., General Electric Co., DuPont Co. and Duke Energy Corp. will boost pressure on Congress and President Bush next week to address climate change more rapidly," reports the Wall Street Journal's John D. McKinnon.

"The informal coalition plans a news conference Monday to publicize its recommendations, ahead of Tuesday's State of the Union address, according to a person familiar with the situation. It will suggest that Congress and the administration move quickly to address global warming through steps such as capping greenhouse-gas emissions and discouraging construction of conventional coal-burning power plants, which are a big source of carbon-dioxide emissions."

Political potpourri:

ABC News' Matt Jaffe gives us the all the dirt on the most heated contest in Washington: the Senate's inside battle for bragging rights over this Sunday's NFC and AFC Championships, where wagers have been placed and the trash talk is flying. On his bet with Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) on the Patriots-Colts match up, Sen. Even Bayh (D-IN) said, "I was happy to make this bet with John because the only thing I will enjoy more than watching the Colts beat the Patriots with my family, is watching the Colts win the Super Bowl while we all enjoy a bowl of New England clam chowder courtesy of Senator Kerry." LINK

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