The Note: The Way to Win, Chappaqua Style

In his op-ed column, the New York Times' Paul Krugman seems somewhat offended by the President's health care plan previewed over the weekend. LINK

"There is widespread anticipation, inside government and outside, that President Bush will call for better fuel economy in his State of the Union address on Tuesday," writes Matthew Wald of the New York Times. (Over to you, Chairman Dingell.) LINK

Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times offers some insight into chief presidential speechwriter William McGurn's SOTU preparation and President Bush's editing style. LINK

Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News describes the political landscape for President Bush as he prepares to deliver his State of the Union address. "His political capital is dangerously depleted. Congress is controlled by the Democrats, emboldened to reverse his domestic initiatives and challenge him at every turn. Republicans already jittery about the 2008 elections are distancing themselves from him and his policies. His personal popularity and job approval ratings have been shredded. 'It's not a pretty political picture,' one of Bush's closest confidants acknowledged last week, 'and we all know it, including him.'"

USA Today lands the pre-SOTU Bush interview. The President defends his Iraq plan and the paper makes Note of it's possible affect on Sen. McCain. LINK

Read the full interview, including the President's priorities for Tuesday night: "we need to come across the aisle and work together," "what happens in Iraq matters to your security here at home," I'm going to talk about how our foreign policy is more than just spreading freedom, it's also to help people who suffer from disease and hunger." And on the subject of Mark McGwire: "I don't have a vote." LINK

President Bush throws Gov. Romney (and, of course, Gov. Schwarzenegger) a bone on health insurance on the state level. USA does the domestic (read: not Iraq) wrap up with the President. LINK

SOTU: polls:

Newsweek's poll numbers also show President Bush receiving his lowest marks of his presidency as heads into his big speech. LINK


Under the headline, "On the Electronic Campaign Trail, the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza and Dan Balz take a look at how Web video has become the center of communications strategy for the 2008 presidential campaign. LINK

On his "Political Punch" blog, ABC News' Jake Tapper assess the various campaign websites littering the trail. LINK

With the first votes scheduled to be cast a year from now, the 2008 presidential contest is ready for its close-up. The New York Times' Broder and Healy take a look at the earlier-than-ever intensity and focus on the presidential race during this very busy month of announcements. LINK

"Three people in two days." USA Today reports on the "headline casualties" Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Sam Brownback. LINK

USA Today has Brownback LINK

Richardson LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Wall Street Journal's Jackie Calmes reports that Sen. McCain's Iraq position "has been eroding his popularity with the general public, which over time has admired his independence but now overwhelmingly opposes the war. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, conducted Jan. 17-20, shows Americans by 65% to 30% say Mr. Bush shouldn't go ahead with his proposed troop 'surge' if Congress passes a nonbinding resolution against it."

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