The Note: Topsy Turvy

In an op-ed in today's Washington Post, Cheney lambasted Sen. Clinton for "hemming and hawing about her vote for the war resolution."

Liz Cheney's op-ed is at LINK

Sen. Clinton shot back: "I've been a consistent critic of this administration's war planning," she said. "They've been dead wrong. They've been wrong in the war, they've been wrong in alienating the rest of the world," said Sen. Clinton. Asked by Soledad O'Brien whether she thinks she can win despite stirring the "passions" of Republicans, Sen. Clinton said: "There's a bit of bravado there," she said of the Republicans, arguing she heard the same comments when she ran for the Senate in New York and still won.

On CBS' "Early Show," Harry Smith asked Sen. Clinton how she will woo voters who "just don't like you." Sen. Clinton gave her trademark laugh, and exclaimed, "What a way to start my morning!"

As to the power of her political enemies to define her, Sen. Clinton said "I've been around long enough to know how effective the other side is." Sen. Clinton continued, "I'm battle hardened. I've been there. I know how to overcome these kinds of political tactics."

Of the President's upcoming State of the Union address, Sen. Clinton said she was "thrilled" about the prospect of the President opening the door on health care and energy, and while she believes President Bush's propositions will not be "bold enough" she asserted, "I want to be a part of that solution."


On "Good Morning America," ABC News' Claire Shipman said the President plans to highlight "top of mind" items other than Iraq such as healthcare, energy, immigration, and education.

With an ABC News/Washington Post report showing the lowest approval rating of his presidency, President Bush's plan to build consensus on health care, energy, immigration and education will be eclipsed by his decision to send more troops to Iraq, write the Washington Post's Peter Baker and Jon Cohen. LINK

Jim Rutenberg and Robert Pear of the New York Times write up the President's low poll numbers, Democratic resistance to his health care proposal previewed in recent days, and likely bipartisan congressional rejection of his surge plan in Iraq to set the stage onto which President Bush walks this evening. LINK

Looking at President Bush's healthcare plan, Bloomberg News' Brendan Murray and Jay Newton-Small write that President Bush's health care plan, "has already divided lawmakers and interest groups along partisan lines." LINK

Ethanol has come a long way, baby. The New York Times takes a closer look. LINK

Bloomberg News' preview of the President speech. LINK

The Politico:

Ben Smith jumps out of the gate with a look at Sen. Clinton's efforts to lock up her African American support despite Sen. Obama's presence in the presidential race. LINK

"'She is conceding no ground, and I don't anticipate or expect that the African-American community would want her to,' said Minyon Moore, a consultant to the Clinton campaign who's directing her national black outreach."

"'I don't see it as a hard battle for her,' Moore said of the contest for the support of black leaders. 'I see it as a reaffirmation of people she already knows and support she already has.'" (Read closely for Moore's apparent put down of Obama's credentials.)

Smith also has Bill Lynch announcing his Clinton support and throwing an elbow in Team Obama's direction for not responding to his outreach.

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